Pushchairs that fit in a Mini Cooper

Hello! I am new so please be nice! I'm sorry if a similar thread has alredy been posted!
I have a beautiful Mini Cooper that I bought in June and in September found out I was pregnant! I am determined not to get rid of my car so would appreciate any advice on what pushchairs and car seats will fit without me having to put down back seats or ban passengers!
I am seriously interested in the Bugaboo Chameleon but have read different reports about whether it fits or not! I would appreciate any Mini drivers recommending a pushchair and car seat and would love to hear from anyone who has a Mini and a Chameleon!


  • hi,

    welcome! And congrats on your pregnancy!

    my dh has a mini one - to be honest we havn't taken out our lo in it many times but the silver cross car seat that goes with the silver cross 3d fits in it but the pram/push chair doesn't - we use our baby carrier when we use the mini.

    if you go to a motherare store they should be able to check to see if it will fit in your car or not.

  • Thank you, I will definitely sort out a trip to Mothercare asap!
  • Thanks for that! I haven't heard many good thing about the Quinny's and i'm not sure about the hassle of taking the wheels off if I'm honest!
  • I had a mini cooper with my first but have just sold it (gutted) as now have DS (4mths) (hes worth having to get a family truckster though). The only pushchair i could fit in was the Quinny Zapp which is suitable from 6 mths. Before that i used to split the back sit so that my travel system would fit in. From 9kgs on, the Britax Evolva 123 car seat fits perfectly and lasts till approx 11 years. If your car has ISOFIX, you may be able to find another seat to fit but mine didnt have this. Hope this helps
  • I really don't think my hubby would be happy with me buying 2 pushchairs! The thing that most appeals about the Chameleon is that it is suitable from birth onwards (apparently to 4 years!) so I'm justifying the high price to him by saying we will only need one!
  • hi im from the pregnancy forum and am thinking of getting the bugaboo bee and the shop assistant in john lewis told me it fits in a mini cooper boot haved you thought of trying that one
    claire x
  • I did think of that model, but the reviews I've read about them have been awful! The worst thing seems to be the size of it, a lot of people have said that babies from one onwards are squashed in it, so I don't think I want to spend that much as it will last that long.
  • My friends have a Mini (newer one, is that the same as yours because I suspect the boot is bigger than the older cars, even though it's still small!!). They have the Bugaboo & do manage to get it in, but they have literally no space left!
  • I had a CopperS when I had Millie (my eldest) I also had a Bugaboo Chameleon and I am sorry to have to tell you that it doesn't fit in the boot!!

    The pushchair folds down in two parts, the chassis does fit in the boot but only by removing the back wheels (which is actually really easy to do) and there is no room in the boot for anything else. I couldn't get the seat unit (from 6 months) in the boot although it did fit betweent the front and back seats. The only way I could get the carrycot in the car at all was to drop both back seats and put lo in the front!!

    I managed for about 5 months with mine, I used to just take the chassis out and use it with the car seat, or borrow oh's bigger car if I needed the carrycot. After 5 months it was getting really hard to lift Millie through into the back of the car in her seat, and it was impossible to put her in the seat without removing it so I made the descision to sell mine.

    If you do decide to keep it the Maxi-cosi cabriofix seat fits really well, the isofix base makes it much easier to fit the seat in and out of the car. I was going to suggest the Bugaboo Bee as I know it fits but I haven't seen any reviews. Have you looked at the Petite star Zia? I think it folds nearly as small as the Quinny Zapp but it has a full recline on it and is supposed to be really good. Hope you manage to find something, I cried when my Mini went and I still miss it now, 2 years later!!!
  • I can imagine how you feel, I will be so upset if I have to get rid of it so I'm determined to find a pushchair that fits! I have an 08 model so I'm hoping the boot will be a little bigger than the previous model. Wishful thinking I suppose!
  • I've got the biugaboo bee and I love it. Mind you Archie is only 3 months so no problem with size and him fitting in so far. I guess it depends on how important you view your pram/pushchair. I walk with Archie for about 2-3 hours each day so hee cah get a good sleep during the day, and so far have used it every day since we bought it (we did have a M&P pilko pramette for 1st 8wks) And so far I have no complaints with the bee and if I use it as much until he is 1 or too big for it I'll feel I've had my monies worth. S x
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