cold hands


  • This has been happening with Frankie too! Her hands are freezing and she wakes about 4 for a cuddle even though normally she wakes at 6. I think im going to start putting scratch mits on her hands to see if that helps. The rest of her feels warm enough though.
  • I wouldnt worry hun, its their only way to regulate their temp and if they have cold hands its cause they are tosty everywhere else, sometimes the feet are cold also but that is the reason. xxx
  • i have put scratch mitts/socks lo for a long time now as our room is on the cold side. If we put them on too early she sucks them then they are wet. I tend to put them on when she ids dropping off to sleep or is a sleep. Sometimes her hands are cold underneath the socks. They help our lo from waking up.
  • Eoins getting really cold hands too, it makes me shiver to touch them in the early hours especially!!! I dont think at 1 yr he will keep mits on though.... I can imagine that if they do touch there face it would shock them into waking! theres not alot you can do other than mits or socks I guess, but as long as there torso is warm they will be ok xxx
  • Yeah, my los hands are freezing in the morning. I do put scratch mitts on him but it doesnt seem to make a difference! He doesn't always keep them on either. I think it's normal. The rest of him seems warm anyway x
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