Hi everyone,

We are having a nightmare at night now. I stopped giving Leia (6 months) any night feeds as I knew she was just having them for comfort. But she's still waking up, not asking for milk, but can't resettle herself (hence the reason why I'm once again typing away at this ungodly hour)! :roll:

She is teething but I feel like I'm in a catch22 situation. I can't leave her to cry or she'll wake up Alfie (who is 2yrs old and we've had enough problems getting him to sleep through); so I fetch her into the living room where I can sit with her propped up against my chest (I can't get comfy doing this in bed) and she nods off again. :roll:

To add insult to injury she has recently started with eczema although I doubt it is bad enough to be waking her.


Any ideas gratefully
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