i don't think they where they should be (tmi)

When matthew was born, his bits were all fine, but now i cant feel his "marbles" where they should be. in fact, i cant feel them at all! Does anyone know if this is normal? I always noticed Joshua's were there. Matthew is 10 months now. Do you think its serious n he needs to see someone? i've been in and out of the Drs so many times now and i feel like i am doing their heads in xxx


  • Can you look on NHS direct?

    I think you can send them a question by email (if it's not urgent) and they'll get back to you...
  • I would take him to the drs and ask about it, my eldest is 12 and I could never feel his where they should be, when I asked about it at his checks they said it was normal, When he was 8 he told me he couldnt feel them so I made hubby take him to the drs (his job being the man :lol: ) and it turned out he needed an operation called an orchidopexy (or something wierd like that) to bring them down, apparantly the op should be done before they are 1 and the dr should have listened to me instead of fobbing me off.
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