Muma & Dada = Happy Mummy!

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For a while, Louise had been saying mmmmm, mu and um but not putting them together to say muma.

On tuesday night, after never saying even 'd' she looked at her Dad and said 'da-dy'. I was proud though addmittedly a little dissapointed she didn't say muma first. On wed she said dada lots.

Yesterday I thought I heard her say muma a couple of times but no-one else heard. Then this morning, very loudly and clearly she laid on our bed saying 'muma, muma'

Now i'm a very happy and very proud Mummy!


Louise is 5 1/2 months


  • thats greay,clever girl!grace has just started saying "mum-mum" and "dad-dad" shes 7 1/2mths xx
  • Thanks,

    Her Daddy is very happy too, he came and sat on the sofa earlier and she loked at him and said 'Dada'. It makes his heart melt every time. It's lovely for him as i've always been the one to feed her and can comfort her easiliy.
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