how do i get anything done?

Charlie is awake more often now but anytime i put him on his playmat, bouncy chair, etc he screams and only settles when i have a cuddle with him - which i love BUT im not getting anything done and im desperate to start xmas wrapping!!!

Any suggestions to keep him entertained?


  • Put CBeebies on - lol!!
    Cyber sitting works for me!
    Seriously though....what toys has he got. Anything that rattles? I can't really think of anything except giving him some toys to play with, that normally keeps my lo entertained. Maybe put him in his bouncy chair near you, would that help keep him settled so you can talk to him whilst wrapping?
  • Does he have a mobile? Charlie is probably too young to play with toys but a mobile is great for keeping them entertained, Gabe loved watching his and still does. Also a good tip is to buy a good baby carrier to keep him close and you can still get things done x
  • I know it sounds daft but I spread out a duvet on Neve's bedroom floor, throw all of her teddies on to it and she wil happily roll around the duvet with them, saying aaaaah for half an hour! Works everytime lol. In the night garden is also a godsend.
  • Hi funkymonkey83

    Brooke is exactly the same as your lo, as soon as I put her down on her playmat, or in her bouncer she is quiet for all of 15 mins then starts screaming, and only settles when I pick her up, and like you I don't get anything done. How old is your lo? Brooke is 10 weeks and 4 days.

  • Sorry have just realised that my post is completely unhelpful as my lo is a lot older than yours. How about popping lo in the cot with the mobile on and toys attached to the bars for a little while?
  • my wade loves his winnie pooh dvd he won't take his eyes off it for at least half hr he has it on every day and doesn't get bored with watching the same thing over and over again. i'm bored with it though:\)
    he doesn't really like his play play i can only get him on there for 5mins so i surppose he's a lazy little bugger really. image
  • Cameron kind of gets moved around from bouncey chair, to bumbo, to walker, to the floor surrounded by toys, to the highchair with toys whenever i need to get anything done!
    how old is your lo! when cam was tiny i used to pop him in the baby carrier and carry him about with me....he got a wet tush quite a lot when i was washing up!! haha
  • have you tried a sling so you can keep him near you when you are doing housework( i am assuming he is quite young) my 1st daughter was the same ,very clingy but she turned out to be a very calm toddler the hv seemed to think it was because i gave the attention she needed and she is 6 now and is very confident child, it did put me off having another one quickly though, but my other daughter is nearly 9 months old and is comletely the opposite very laid back.
  • Door bouncer or similar in front of the washing machine or tumble dryer when they are on.... its amazing what keeps them happy!!
  • I have a carrier that i put lo in to do housework.I also find that if i put her in her swing or bouncer chair so she can watch me she is usually ok with that. She is so nosey and hates being laid down unless you are right in front of her. I also think that when they are so young the playmats dont hold much interest as they can do anything with them.
  • I know how tempting it is to pick him up for a cuddle but try not to go everytime - or at least not straight away, as you will be making a rod for your own back. Next time he cries try talking or singing to him - about anything, to get his attention and do it while your walking around doing house work coz its comfort and security of knowing your there that he wants. It will get easier as he gets a bit older and can be entertained in other ways.
  • Hmmm, i still have this problem and Callum is 6mnths. The lady at the creche at the gym i use (cos he's a nightmare there sometimes) said that boys are particuarly bad for this and want their mums much more than girls. I agree with Brandollarz, trying to distract them works - for a while at least and then a bouncer or something if he's old enough which is the only thing that keeps him quite - oh, and the ASDA advert that goes 'its beginning to look a lot like Christmas....' - you know the one - that keeps him quiet!!!
  • Lottie: My girl is 11months and I cant wait to put the duvet on the floor and cover it with teddies tomorrow so thanks for your post!!
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