Including milk in food

Does anyone have any meals for LO's over 6 months that include milk?
So far I can only think of cheese sauce...??

Emilia doesnt really like milk feeding, but I want to make sure she gets all the milk she needs somehow!

Thank you x

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  • LO also has whole milk in her porridge. Yoghurt, cheeses etc are also counted towards their daily milk intake x
  • We've only just started weaning so haven't developed onto recipes yet but I use milk to make up porridge, can easily lose 2-3oz. I also add it to banana if its not mushy enough.

    What about custard? Not sure if that is good for LO's or not but you'd use a fair bit xx
  • hi how about baby rice pudding? mash potatoes made slusshy with milk, cheese sauce as you say. not to sure oither than that im afraid x
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