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Grrrrr - work!

Sorry but I have to get this rant off my chest!! I have been seconded to a higher post job at work since oct 2004 and when I went on maternity leave I heard that they were ending some jobs but was told that I would be ok as they cant finish your job whilst your off on m/l. The reason I am still seconded is because a new business operation was brought in and all the new staff were fixed term not permanent, but the business operation is being made permanent from this month. I got a letter on Sat morning saying that my job had finished as from 31/03/06 and I would go back to my original post!! I called HR and they said I had to take it up with my boss, so I have just been in to see him and he said its right. He said he was going to come and see me in march but another manager offered to do it. I said I hadnt heard anything so he pulled her in and she said she had sent me a txt asking me to call her about my job. What a load of bullsh1t, I never even got a text. He then said did I like the flowers that they sent to say thanks for all my hard work, guess what - never received any flowers, which then led to another two managers blaming each other for them not being sent, so they asked me what flowers I would like, err none thanks, I want my f*cking job back!! Anyway, I then had to see the union rep who confirmed in the company agreement that they cant do it and who also thinks its against the law so I now have to bring case to the managers. I'm prepared to take it to a tribunal they have p1ssed me off that much!! I cant beleive that they are making me think about work when I am off. I am so mad:x. Rant over !


  • Hiya. Well I have just read your post and that is completely outrageous. It's just a whole load of stress and hassle that you don't need right now. Bloody employers!! I'd follow through on the tribunal though, you could be given some form of compensation for the stress whilst on maternity leave as well as your job back. Go in for the kill and request a 50% pay rise, hee hee!!
    Hope it all works out for you, Tracey xx
  • I know, I cant stop thinking about it!! I am prepared to take it all the way and hopefully get some money off em and then tell em to p1ss off coz at this moment in time I certainly dont feel like ever going back!! Jo x
  • have u got a union i would be calling them for advice?
  • Hi - the union have taken it up on my behalf, so hopefully we will get a good outcome, x
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