Feeling a little tipsy!!

I've had a rough dayday so am unwiding with a glass of champagne (left from my wedding back another year) im feeling slightly light headed but relaxed and a little floaty, also giggly! :lol:


  • Hooray! I have a cough and have been umming and ahhing whether or not to crack on with the half bottle of Rose in the fridge and you've just inspired me!
    Have lots of fun, I'm jealous!

  • go for it, lets have a party - woowoo!! God im a lightweight, lol!!! but it feels good!
  • I went to a family do on my hubby's side & my parents bbsat...my first glass of Rose didn't touch the sides going down so quickly had another but then felt very drunk so had a coke then decided to have half a Guiness - to boost my breast milk! I can't believe what a lightweight I am now! lol!


  • go girl. lol.

    I've 2 bottles of rose and only got down half of one and feeling weak at the knees. lol. Mad how quick a drink hits us when we're not use to it. lol

    Lisa xxx
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