How long till NEXT baby!?

I just had my first baby 4 months ago and i was discusing with mu husband about when to have our next, as we want a big family.
how about you girls, how long you waited for the next one or will wait.
love to know what to give a time gap to my hun. however i think 3 years is more than enoug to espend time with your baby before adding to the family.

i think they shoul be there, well they dont feel the pain!!!!

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  • Hi, my lo is nearly 11 months old and I am 12+3 with my second! My hubby wanted a small age gap and I agreed that although it will be hard work to start with it will be nice to have them close together so they can play together. He ideally wants three but there will have to be more of a gap between this one and the next, I can't do three Christmas's in a row being pregnant!! x
  • bout 1 year i think cos my two boys play with eachother really well, where as max is four yrs younger than lewis and wont have anyone to play with??
  • i had my LO 10 weeks ago, because of c-section scar we can't really have another baby for a while yet, we're getting married in 2010 so will try for number 2 straight after! x
  • My first lo is 4 1/2 months - I'd like to be pregnant again before i'm 30 and am 28 now. But, i'm not planning on trying anytime soon. Apparently your osy takes 9 months to fully recover from one birth and be ready to go through it again!
  • bout 1 year i think cos my two boys play with eachother really well, where as max is four yrs younger than lewis and wont have anyone to play with??

    i knew u would image hehe x
  • Definitely not a small gap for me - can't imagine all the hard work with 2 sets of nappies, spoon feeds (or messy self feeding) and early waking! I'm not selfish but personally it's not for me, so it's condoms all the way, lol. I'm thinking of baby no. 2 when Gabe is about 4 or 5 and can understand about a new baby and hopefully be really involved. I would love another boy but be equally happy with a baby girl x
  • thinkign about it its good to have them close because they have each other and can build a good relationship. however at the same time money its always a concern.
    not that, thats going to stop me, if 3 can eat at my house why no 4 or 5
    love to have as many as i can but i still remember the pain !!!!!

  • I want another NOW Lol.
    Kade is nearly 15 months and we are trying, in fact I was working out on an ov calandar and it turns out that if we try next weekend onwards (when I'm ovulating) and catch, it will be the same time as when we caught with Kade 2yrs ago, so chances are he/she would be born the same time lol.
    Doubt we'd catch though!
  • we have a 3 month old and are currently think of tring again when hes about 16 months. Hubby wants close age gaps and I'd love a baby in 2010. xx
  • I have a 5 week old baby and if we won the lottery we would start trying tomorrow but realistically its gonna be 2010. I would love another girl but dh wants a boy.
  • Hey i remember those ovulatin kits i stil got mine it cost me ??100 !!!!!
    they work though but i got my ands full now close gap is good but not too close ejejejejeje
    i also need the lotery and if i win it probably will have 12!!!!!

  • OOo.. this is a toughy! I found it so hard to fall pregant with my first.. we 'let nature take it's course' for 2 & a half YEARS! before I fell.. I had an awful labour and not really recovered fully yet... but having said that I'm so in love with Charlie I wouldn't mind if it did happen! plus I don't really feel like I have the luxary of just waitting till when ever! I could be 'trying' for another two and a half years again! xx
  • My youngest, Zara, will be 1 on tuesday & my 3rd (also a girl) is due mid feb. There is 2 years between Amy & Zara & I just love watching the 2 of them interacting & playing with eachother. This will probably be my last though
  • I have 5 yrs between my two...nice in the sense that my eldest understood what was happening and shared some of the excitement of pregnancy and has been so helful since Braedon was born. Its also nice that she is able to entertain herself a bit when i am feeding etc. That said, if we have a third baby, I would like to start trying shortly after Braedon turns one next summer. As it is now, its almost like having 2 only children and i reckon that'll get more difficult when Braedon is old enough to want someone to play with - Madi wont want to play with her little brother. There are benefits to both having small and large age gaps i reckon.

    The problem at this stage however is getting my hubby to agree to another - he keeps saying that we have a girl and a boy and thats plenty. Rubbish!!! I'll wear him down eventually i'm sure! x
  • i had a good labour and not pain relief only gas at the end and 20 min to it i was so high. still would not change anithng. it did take me long to became pregnant at one point thought i was sterile.

  • We hav already agreed to try for baby no.2 starting end of 2010. This is as we have already agreed to join family members on a holiday to florida in the summer of 2010. Although that in itself could be a jinx as we were on holiday at Disney world when I found out I was pregnant with out son last year. (I was naughty though and still did all of the rides).
    For the 1st 3 months after having my son I really missed being pregnant (although not the endless weekly visits to antenatal and the ignorant consultants), if my other half had pushed the issue I would have agreed to start trying then. Luckily he was so traumatised by the birth (ending in a c section), till recently he never wanted any more children. LOL.
    sorry for the essay.
  • i have 2 years 10 month betweem my first and second and i like the gap it means i never needed a double buggy and only had one kid in nappies at a time.
    we have 3 years 9 months between second and third, we werent planning a third child if we had been i would have liked the gap to have been a little less like the last time.
  • My lo is 9 months old, and we're trying for no 2!! So fingers crossed!!
  • Ellie is 13 months and we are trying now, wish i could get my BFP for christmas!!!
  • gaps, if it were for my hun ill be pregnant by now.
    and leo its only 4 i can not imagine changing napies twise imagine multiple biths. ouch!!!
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