Been up hospital :-(

The boys have suffered really badly with a tummy bug today and, after keeping nothing down since 7pm last night we phoned the out of hours GP and they wanted to see us. Up we go to the hospital. They ok, just a little dehydrated and we need to keep an eye on them.

Alfie was then sick in the car on the way home and both have thrown up their 'watered down' half measure night time bottle. I have never cleaned up so much sick in my life and im starving as I havent chance to eat today!! (and at anytime I could I had normally just cleaned up a pile of sick and didnt really feel like eating!)

Quite worried at the moment as theyre just so tired and have kept nothing, food or liquid, down today, although they seem ok in themselves.

No need to reply, just having a moan. I thought twins were hard enough, but twins with tummy bugs are on a whole other level!


  • Oh poor you!

    Hope they get better soon!
  • Oh hun, sounds like you are having a right day of it! If you are still worried don't hesitate to take them back to the hospital!! Fingers crossed they are feeling better by tomorrow!!
  • Luckily havent had to go that far yet, although if they still the same with morning bottle then thats what we will have to try! They werent too worried at hospital, but were glad we went. They have 12 more hours, then they want us back image I WILL NOT be going back there if I can at all help it!!
  • Get well soon Ryan and Alfie.

    Dylan got a tummy bug a few weeks ago there awful, I take my hat off to you for doing it twice over.

    I hope there better in the morning

  • Hope they get well soon. Babies tend to bounce back quickly! x
  • aw hope they are better soon for their and your sake xx
  • To keep them hydrated, just try a really small amount of water regularly. You can also do it using a teaspoon. Hope they are better soon, and there are no more trips to the hospital. xx
  • oh no hope they are better today x
  • hope they get better soon xx
  • Oh hun i hope the boy's feel better this morning x
  • Aw hun, we had this last month and it was awful!!

    Ellie got it first and was throwing up constantly and was just so sleepy and unresponsive.
    Then Pop's got it, followed by jack, hubby and finally me!

    It was a complete nightmare i spent 2 days up running from one to the other whilst trying to be sick myself. We ended up at A&E and had all the kids put on dioralyte to keep their fluids up.

    Hope the boys are better soon hun.
  • Well, they threw up everything up until lunch at 12, which is still in so I have everything crossed!!
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