TMI!!need advice please...

MORNING ladies this is tmi im sorry i need ure advice ...........

ok i have been bleeding since having sophia and it only stopped on sat ...all the way through being pg i have not wanted ....s.e.x so poor oh has been deprvied now im not pg my desire for it has come back ...hooray image or not so hooray as last night we did "it" and afterwards there was quite alot of blood on us both image fresh blood :roll: ...does anyone know why? have we just been stoopid not waiting 6 weeks ? i only waited 4 weeks after jack and was fine so why is this happening now??? :\?

if anyone knows or has any advice i appreciate it


lisa,jack and sophia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • This happened to me, i asked the doctor about it and he said that it was normal ad you could start bleeding again if you push to hard when you go for a number 2 tmi i know, its just everything tightening up again cause when you have an orgasm it can make your uterus contract i think thats everything he said xxx
  • thank u so much ... i thought id damaged something not waiting and poor oh is feeling very guilty :lol: ooh thats mean isnt it ....could it be my period as i have cramp type pains too ??

    i think i might go to the doctor later anyway

    thanks again xxxx
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