Taking longer than usual to fall asleep

DD (almost 9 months) has been great at falling to sleep within (roughly) 5 minutes of putting her to bed.
However, for the last week to 10 days she's taking longer & longer to fall asleep. For naps and at bedtime.
She's still doing all her usual tired signs when I put her down but it's taking upto 40 minutes sometimes for her to go to sleep.
Any ideas why??

When she falls asleep later at bedtime we have an earlier than normal morning wake-up! So I don't think pushing bedtime back a bit will make any difference. I haven't changed any of our usual routine.
The only thing that has changed lately, but I'm not sure if this is the reason, is we're now fully BLW and her dinner time is later than it was when we were doing purees (so she can eat with us), this means it's closer to bedtime. She still drinks her full 8oz bedtime bottle 1/2 hour after finishing her dinner/pudding.

When she's down (awake) in her cot she's laid there making moaning noises (the same noises she makes when she's going to sleep) so I know she's tired.
Is she getting ready for another development splurge?? Teething (we still don't have a tooth through grrr)??
Any suggestions greatly appreciated xx


  • hi it could well be the heat, i know i for one am having more dificulties dropping off then usual because the heat is making me uncomfortable so i imagine its the same for our lo's. also though as u say, lo's tend to go thru a little unsettled sleep stage right before they display a new skill they've picked up, the week before ds decided to show us he could walk his sleep was all over the place, so u might find she's learning soemthing at the mo and will show u in a few days xx
  • Thanks Wow baby, I think you're right and I'm hoping it's "just another phase"!!!!! Got a very early wake-up this morning grrrrr
  • I would suggest heat too. Were having similar problems and its becoming a nightmare in the evenings. Usually LO is down for 730-8, now its more like 9!! We try him at 730 but hes just too hot and bothered. I always bring him back downstairs but OH is more keen to leave him. I just cant do that as hes so hot.....even sweating a little at back of his head i just dont think its fair.

    I do hope its a new skill though.....he has been crawling a while, so maybe hes thinking of doing soemthing new! xx
  • Hi Kelly

    DD is also 9months and we are also having the same problem with sleeping, we have gone from a little angel who slept from 7 till 7, self settled went down for her two naps no problem, to a cheeky monkey who now we are luckly is a sleep by 8 with out us being in the room till she falls a sleep, who's wake up calls are getting earlier even when bed time is later and now doesn't like sleeping on her back she would much rather sleep on her front on her knees with her bum in the air lol.

    Like the ladies said i'm hoping alot of it's down to heat.

    Christine xx

    P.S we have no tootie pegs either xx

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  • My DD is nearly 21 months and always goes to sleep within 15 mins of putting her down. However, the last few days it's been nearly and hour and a half, grr, way past 9pm! I'm guessing it's the heat too as she's clearly tired but just won't settle : (
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