North East meet-tomorrow!!

So just a few questions!!
Are we still meeting up tomorrow? Are we still going to the Adventure Point in Darlington? What time are we meeting? Only ask as my Dad's asked if he can pop in, but not sure what time so was wondering what time everyone will still be there till?
Anyway looking forward to meeting everyone, not sure what I'll be wearing but I'll be the huge one with long brown hair chasing after a small baby who will be trying desperatly (sp!!) to get into the ball pit even though he can't actually walk!
See you tomorrow ladies!
Bekkie and Alf ximage

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  • I was just about to post about this lol. What time are we meeting up? and are we meeting inside or out. I'm just going to look in my wardrobe for a bright top to make me stand out lol xxx
  • Sounds like a plan! Maybe inside as if you haven't been before there are forms to fill in and your photo to have taken-hated that bit!! Think CC said she'd be there for 12 but can't rememeber for sure. I'm waiting for Dad to call then I know what time I'll be there for. Maybe after lunch like 1'ish. Sooooo looking forward to it! x
  • 1ish is good for me, i can then give Evie lunch before we come xxx
  • Alf's been tricky to feed of late so I was thinking the same thing! See you there! x
  • 1ish good for me too

    lookin forward to it

  • who is coming then? oh and cn we have real names and kids names!!!

    im kelly with baby Grace


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  • I'm Alex and my daughters Evie 20weeks xxx
  • Just realised I'd already said that at the beginning! repeating myself must be a sign of old age!

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  • i have just text CC to see what time for her

  • REALLY sorry no way I can make it got to work an extra day! :cry:
  • Oh no! What a shame!
    Kell2 and 1stbaby-yippie do you still want to meet or do you want to leave it till more people can come? I am easy either way as I don't have to travel far where as you two do? Don't want you to feel its a waste coming all the way.
    What a shame CC we'll have to set another meet up soon!
  • Don;t wait for me as unfortunately due to money worries after a 2 weeks break in Australia (YAY) I will be back at work full time from 21st April! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • i dont mind waiting as i know a few others wanted to come too, wat do you think.. wanna do it or not?

  • Witing is fine by me kell2. Bit of a shame as I was soooooo looking forward to finally meeting people from BE but like you say makes more sense to get together with lots of people.
    CC didn't realise you'll be going back full time after Easter, thank goodness you have the trip to Oz though!
  • was loking forward to it too. had all our stuff ready but will arrange for the others to come too. maybe in a couple of weeks.

    CC you avoiding me!!!!!!!!!1 hahahahaha

  • I go back in June so can we meet up before then please?
  • i was thinking april, i only worl 3 day a week so easy to fit in

    xx oh booooooooo to tomorro!
  • I know I think I might wander up there anyway as lo loves it and it tires him out! Wait and see what tomorrow brings. See you next month then, sounds good! Just need to get hold of 1stbaby-yippie to let her know. x
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