why wont he eat ?


Tyler is almost 8 months old and its a real struggle to get him to eat, breakfast is fine and he eats all his porridge, lunch and dinner are another matter. I normally give him his lunch when he wakes from his afternoon nap but he refuses it and cries. Now I dont know if he's still full from his bottle before his nap, teething or just the wrong time of day for him. Its the same for dinner, he will only have a rusk with milk for his dinner when I know he should be having a proper meal. I've tried jars, pouches, making my own but nothing works. He's the same in nursery, sometimes he'll have a few spoons, sometimes none, usually has stab at his desert.
Any ideas ? I was thinking of dropping the 11am bottle in the hope that he will be more hungry for his dinner...




  • What is your routine like? Is this a new thing or has it been going on a while.

    We have good days and bad days but generally, unless theyre teething, things are good now. They werent always. We would have days where they would eat nothing. Now they scoff it down.

    Would he be better if he fed himself? The boys do both now as they took a long while to build up the hand eye coordination to do it without getting frustrated.

    The are 9.5 months but this is our day

    6am - Bottle
    7am - Porridge with apricot and apple (they LOVE this!)
    10am - Snack - normally a banana and a pot of jelly between 2 of them
    12pm - Lunch - Meat and Veg (homemade and dont really know how much, just half one of my tubs between them!) and a pot of fruit
    4pm - Dinner - Same as lunch but a pot of jelly for afters
    6pm - Bottle

    We dropped the 3pm bottle last week as they werent drinking the 6pm one and were waking at 4am starving.

    HTH a little xx
  • Hi Sarah. Couldve written this myself really! Grant guzzles his brekkie and then we have crying fits at lunch and dinner. I bought those organix crisps and I let him hold one and that seems to help a bit. I thought it was because I was introducing lumps but lo and behold, a tooth has just surfaced this morning...so I'm putting it down to that. I'm going to try a little bongella before dinner tonight and see how it goes

    just to add my wisdom tooth is coming through and it hurts more as the day goes in so I can eat fine in the morning but my dinner is a struggle. Think it's sympathy pains lol! X
  • i think it sounds as if he is only interested in food when he is really starving (first thing in the morning) i would suggest (as an experiment) dropping the 11am bottle for a few days and seeing if this encourages him to have more at lunchtime? maybe offer him some yoghurt at 11am instead? or try giving him his lunch before you put him down for his afternoon nap? We were in exactly the same situation a few weeks back so i cut the 12noon bottle as it was putting him off his lunch,i also make sure he has something to feed himself whilst i also spoon feed him (BLW and mashed food) he now loves his food as he has made the connection that food fills him up in the same way that milk does,

    Good luck and i hope he starts to tuck in soon!
  • well, for tea i put some bonjela on his little gums and gave him some cucumber and strawberrys to eat which he loved. (straight from the fridge) and gave him his rusk as usual. Will see how we get on tomorrow as he's back in nursery then on tuesday.
  • We had to drop the 11am bottle in order for our LO to take lunch, there was no way he'd be interested in eating otherwise. It's worth a try and has worked for us xx
  • Just to add I gave lo paracetamol half an hour before dinner and he ate it all up like a champ. Think I've found my problem lol x
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