Charlotte poorly & not eating - advice plz

Charlotte started with a cold yesterday and today she is refusing most of her food. I'm not overly concerned about that as I know she's ill but I was wondering what would be best to try to feed her so she at least has something. She managed half a Petit Filous at lunch and a few mouthfuls of toast at brekkie & a bit at lunch time. She also fed herself a few crispy snacks afterwards (well about 3). She had a few gulps of milk but refused juice at lunch.

My instinct is to give her plenty of dairy but I've heard that this can help produce more mucus and she's got plenty of that at the moment!! Have just ordered some cot blocks as the books under her cot head look very untidy. By the time they come her cold will be over, but I'm sure she will have plenty more. I hope it's over by 2nd of Feb as she's due MMR jab that day.:roll:


  • Bless her! I would just keep offering her food and if she isn't interested then just leave her. Make sure she is offered plenty of juice/water.
    I have karvol plug in for when Poppy has a cold but if you haven't got / can't get one, put a few drops of olbas oil in a bowl of water and put it next to her radiator. You could also put a few drops on a hanky and put it near to her cot.
    Hope she's feeling better soon.
  • I've got some Calrub which I use on her chest & back for when she has a cold. Don't know if it helps or not?! I'll have to look for one of those plug in things - thanks xx
  • Ohh poor Charlotte. Gabe has had some terrible colds where he refuses everything except 3-6oz milk in 24 hours - no solids, no nothing! I also let him eat what he liked, chocolate buttons, mini sausage rolls, rusks and yogurts...he was better with finger food then spoon feeds when he's been ill/teething. Hope she's better soon. x
  • Well she ate a bit more at tea time. When we put her to bed though she cried & screamed for 3 hours poor thing. In the end I was sat on the floor at the side of her cot stroking her hair and shushing her and she eventually went to sleep. She had a bit of an unsettled night but seems perky again today and actually ate most of her brekkie.

    Trouble is I think I'm starting with it now. My throat is on fire and my arms & back ache.

    She's got home made fish pie for dinner so hoping she enjoys that. Oh making tikka masala for tea so going to freeze her some portions of that. A few spices are good to help with a cold! Hers wont be as spicy of course.
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