Olivia will be 9 months next week and she has no teeth but tonight she is still awake, normally sleeping my 7.30pm, she is in good form playing in her cot. She has also had a dirty nappy 4 times today instead of 2 and they have been getting runnier today and the last one is very runny and she has developed a nappy rash this afternoon and I put cream on after every nappy change, she has been chewing her tongue a lot more today as well.
She has no other symptoms of being ill or anything so I was wondering if this sounds like teething?


  • I would say so.
    My LO is only 5 months, and every now and again has some of the teething symptoms, family always oooh aaahhh is she getting her first tooth... they're so impatient! But I would say it's likely with your LO being 9 months.
    Hope she doesn't suffer with it.
  • Hi Hun
    my DD is 9 months next week too and we had a very similar evening yesterday. She was beside herself with sobs, proper full on crying which is most unusual for her. I always give her Ashton & Parsons at bedtime but obviously this wasn't doing anything. It was definately pained sobs more than anything, so I gave her some Calpol and I had to gently stroke her to soothe her, then a bit of Anbesol on her gums eventually meant she went off to sleep.
    We put it down to teething, she's not got her 1st yet either, as I honestly don't know what else it could have been. I expected a tooth this morning though and still nothing!!!!!!!! xx
  • Yeah that sounds exactly like teething hon! Fun times ahead! Calpol works a treat, or you can get something called Teetha granules which stay in the mouth a bit more.
  • Thanks all, she has been teething from about 4 weeks, my HV thought she was going to have teeth quickly but it hasn't happened, she went through a phase at 6 months where we thought they were coming as well. I love anbesol, so does Olivia she smiles when she sees it coming out at night!! :lol:
  • I agree Kelly, I think Bonjela is a bit useless!! Hope things improve for you soon too xxx
  • Hehehe same here hun! She's been teething since about 10 weeks, thought we'd have seen at least 1 by now!!!!
    Ah yes Anbesol was our friend last night, soooo much better than Bonjela IMO.

    Hope things improve shortly xx
  • Lizzies first tooth has appesred and touch wood she was a bit like your lo with the nappies for 2 days but shent been grumpy or in pain with it so you might be lucky x
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