Qusetion for those that follow Gina Ford?

I'm just after a little advice (not a debate on Gina Fordimage)
I've lent my book to a friend and was just wondering about routines for a 9.5 month old.
we only roughly follow it and it's worked for us but we have never been strict with the routines.
Our routine at the moment is.

7am - awake and bottle
8am - breakfast
9am - nap of around 45 mins
11.30am - lunch
12.00 - nap of around 2 hours
5pm - tea
6pm - bath, bottle and bed

This last few days he has been fighting his morning nap, still has his lunch nap but is grumpy by bedtime.

Today I put his morning nap forward to 9.30am and he fell asleep but at lunchtime he never went to sleep until 1.30pm.
I just wondered if I should keep him up longer at lunchtime so he is more tired, maybe until 1pm and give him his lunch at 12.00 instead?
what are your routines like?



  • I think she suggests morning nap at 9:30am for 30 mins and lunch at 11:45am with nap at 12:30pm, for 2 hours.

    How long is he sleeping at 9:30am - maybe try reducing it to 30 mins, if he will cope with that.

    We have a nap at 9:30am and the down again at 12:30pm ish

    HTH xx
  • Ive done it roughly for my 3 kids but Ive lent my book to someone too so I cant check but from experience, i would def reduce the nap to maybe 20 mins and when its only 15 mins then cut it and bring lunch and nap forward by half hour and see if he lasts till then and give longer at lunchtime if that makes sense

    Gemm x
  • Hi
    Thanks for your comments
    he sleeps about 45 mins in the morning
    So today I'm going to try just 30 mins at 9.30am and then put him to bed at 12.30pm instead of 12pm.

    Hopefully this will work.

  • hey as far as im aware you should reduce the morning nap, to as little as 15 mins, reduce it by five minutes everyday or two x
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