Hi lovely ladies,
Hope you and all your LO's are ok x x
I was wondering if you have any tips for taking LO swimming for the first time?
We are taking DS for the first time tomorrow! He is now 17 weeks & has had all of his jabs.
We already have a swim suit for him & some swim nappies. He loves his bath time!

Soooo is there anyway that you would recommend doing it? Any tips that might help?

Thank you muchly x x


  • Finley and I love love love swimming

    My tips woukd be
    1. when you get out take off all of bubs wet things and wrap him up in a nice fluffy towel on his changing mat. He will be nice and snggly warm. While he is there chat to him while you get changed and then get him dressed. This way he will be nice and warm while you change, you won't drip all over him while you dress him and they will be nice and dry and ready to get dressed when it is their turn

    2. A fluffy bath mat makes a fab changing mat. I started using my changing mat from my changing bag when we first started going and it didnt cope well with getting wet all the time.
    A bath mat washes really easily, doesnt mind getting wet and dries really quickly

    Have fun

  • You'll love it, it's great fun! My tips are:

    1. Put your swimming costume on under your clothes before you go (and don't forget your underwear!!!!!!) - makes it much quicker getting changed when you get there.

    2. Swimming makes them really tired really quickly, so don't be surprised if LO only lasts about 10-15 minutes the first time you go

    3. Council run pools can sometimes be a bit cool, so keep an eye out to make sure LO is not getting too cold.

    Hope you enjoy it!
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