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I was wondering if any of you ladies who started weaning (BLW or otherwise) at around six months could outline what and when your baby eats and has milk feeds? I am confused about whether to offer milk and food at the same time or at different times, and which to offer first. Adam is not a bit eater, so I am concerned that offering milk first will mean he's not hungry for solids.

I'm not planning on starting weaning for a while yet, but I do like to be prepared! :lol:

Thank you!



  • we are almost 6 months and we currently have

    7/8am 7oz bottle and porridge for brekkie
    10/11am mid morning 6oz bottle (sometimes)
    12/1pm puree lunch and pudding
    3pm mid afternoon 6oz bottle
    5pm puree lunch and pudding
    7:30pm 8oz bedtime bottle

    we did start with just brekkie then added lunch then tea, he is starting to reduce his milk intake as the solids increase. we did it this way as i didnt want him to be full/really hungry when i tried solids x
  • Dylans nearly 7 months and is a hungry boy for food, but I can't get much milk into him! Here's our routine....

    6am- 9oz bottle
    8:30am- breakfast (this morning was pancakes followed by fruit and yogurt)
    12pm- lunch (yesterday was a bagel with cream cheese then jelly and yogurt)
    5pm- tea (yesterday was pasta with homemade veg sauce)
    6:15pm- 9oz bottle
    6:40pm- bed

    He is baby led (his preference he's an independent munchkin image) i've tried giving him more milk but he's really not interested.

    Enjoy weaning I LOVE it!!!!

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