Can a baby poo too much? (tmi!!)


Louise is 7 months, on 3 meals a day and may have snacks. she has been doing about 5/6 poo's a day for a couple of weeks. (She is still breastfed.)

To begin with she seemed to have a tummy bug but it's not watery any more. Some are big/small/soft/runny. She is teething - has 1 tooth and 2nd one just popping through the gum.

So, can a bsby poo too much?


Lisa and Louise (who has a sore bum!)


  • grr, just posted and it didnt save!
    i dont think theres a problem cameron is 8 months, he poos 3 times a day, more when teething and if shes breastfed she will poo more than a formula fed baby anyway. if theyr not wet and sloppy i wouldnt worry too much
  • When Charlotte is teething she can do up to 5 poos a day - and sometimes when not teething!
    As long as it's not still diarhhea I don't think it's a problem. Just make sure you clean her bum with water & not wipes as wipes always made my lo's sore bum worse.
  • Ryan is 7 months too and he went from doing about 2 poos a day to about 6 when his teeth were just breaking through the gum too, now both his teeth are through he has gone back to about 2 poos a day.

    Its totally normal hun, dont worry.

  • hello

    my lo was same - if you have ruled out an infection or allergy etc I'm sure its fine; just have to keep giving plenty to drink!
  • Hiya

    Lily is the same! Going through so many nappies at the min!

  • thanks!

    we have ruled out an infection, but not an allergy?!

    some are sloppy......

    I do clean her with water and cotton wool when we're home, I gave her lots of nappy off time yesterday which really helped too.

    It's such a pain! they've started leaking too.........that all stopped once I started weaning her!

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