How do i join the BE facebook group??

I'm a bit confused as its a 'closed goup?' Feel like i'm missing out! Can someone pls invite me to join - omg how sad do i sound ???!!! Cheers xx Oh, i'm Gemma Hart, London xx:lol:


  • Which group hun? there are several different BE ones I think.
  • Only 3 people have been accepted to the group anyway hun, ive lost interest now to be honest lol xx
  • If it's the one that Queenbee started yesterday, I think that she was suprised how many people wanted to join and didn't want what she knew to be that widely known (does that make sense) so she didn't accept any one!
  • oh really?? I am a little behind the times!! I just saw one with loads of members is it the BE user names one??
  • Gemma - if its the BE User Names one I will try and find you and send you an invite hon.
  • its fine if she didnt want that many ppl to join,as i can understand that as the subject matter is prob abit delicate,but she did ask everyone on here to say yep if they wanted to know lol! ps I still wanna know x
  • Oh poor Zoe!! She should have called her post something different as all us mums are nosey!!! Thanks Tommysmum x x x
  • I am sooo crap on facebook - am struggling to find people so if you can email me with easy directions to find you then I will send you a friend request then an invite to the group!

    I am pretty easy to find as I am friends with the majority of people on here lol

    If I dont get it done tonight will defo do it tomorrow ok because I have got a nagging DH who is moaning I have been on here all day lol
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