Tax credits

Does anyone know how long it takes for them to recalculate your claim after you've told them of a change in details? The 'helpful' man on the phone wouldn't even give me an estimate.

Hannah xx


  • normally by the next months payment honey, they're usually pretty quick

    In fact I need to contact them soon so if I find out i'll let you know.
  • Phew, thanks hon. Luckily it's our month off from paying rent next month, but I'd put that money aside for all the deposits for the wedding/christening and I had visions of them not sorting it for months!

    Hannah xx
  • well I renewed mine on the deadline day (organised I know!) 31st July and I just got my new calculations through in the post yesterday
  • thinks its about 2 weeks
  • Took 2 weeks to come through I think.

    But don't mention booody tax credits to me. Just got my letter and even though I'm earing about 2/3's what I did last year our monthly payements have gone down by about 75%. I don't get it.

    Need to go through the docs with a fine tooth comb. That can't be right can it ?

    Mind you what I earned the tax year prevoius 07-08 was more than I thought, would that affect it. S x
  • I cant work mine out either, mine went down even though Im earning less (working part time) but then I renewed and they went back up and Im earning the same. Its too confusing!x
  • if they paid you too much last year as your earnings were more than you estimated then your payments will go down. also once lo's are a year old your payments drop right down. for some reason they think that babies get cheaper to keep the older they get
  • Oh he turns 1 in October so that will have something to do with it.

    I don't think they overpaid last year as I only started claiming in Oct 08 and the figure that was more than I thought was for tax year ending April 08 so I wouldn't think that would affect it.

    I'm going to check over form and call them anyway. S x

  • i get my payments weekly and i phoned to explain a change in circumstances in april and it was all changed by the next payment less than a week have to be VERY careful how you word things cuz i told them about OH working only 10 hours a week and said that we're only earning ??15,000 a year between us and they changed it so that OH was earning ??15,000 and only doing 10 hours a week :roll: if such a job existed i'd LOVE it lol! x
  • well i updated some details over 2 weeks ago and normally they send me a letter within 1 week but this time nothing so i phoned them and they told me it can take between 4 and 6 weeks to go through i think in most cases they are pretty quick!!
    i renewed in april but just realised i got my income wrong due to maternity leave so they should owe me money from last year so maybe thats why they are taking so long they are quick to take over payments off you but no so quick to pay you maney they owe!!
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