So dissapointed

With the cow and gate forums, its so bitchy n nasty on there its unbelieable.. :cry:


  • theres just no need is there, YAYW was the same, i left there before i got married!
  • i didnt even know they had forums! must have look....
  • What does yayw mean?? I'm surprised that there still allowing it to run.. O why am I letting a silly forum get to me? Lol
  • you and your wedding it was always catty
  • YAYW was hilarious!! I only posted once or twice. I got jumped on for suggesting that a vodka luge was not a classy addition to a wedding reception! Oops.


  • vodka luge? is that people sledging in vodka? sounds expensive.
  • I think it involves pouring vodka down an ice slide (to make it nice and cold) into someone's mouth. Not my thing really!
  • I think it involves pouring vodka down an ice slide (to make it nice and cold) into someone's mouth. Not my thing really!

    mmmmm sharing saliva with all the wedding party, yum image
  • YYW was once a nice fluffy pink cloud site, but as more members joined it changed. at first the arguements were few and far between, but it got worse.
    Just the way of the site now.

    Might have to have a nosey at the C&G site - I have to admit I do find it funny sometimes *blushes*

    we're nice on here, well, 99.9% of the time and more so of late.

  • G?C from TTC - I used to be a member of YAYW but I too left befiore I got married. I got slatted for telling a bride she was being a bit precious because she wanted her bridesmaid, who was quite a bit taller than other wedding guests, to wear flat shoes so she "wouldn't make everyone else and the photos look stupid"!!

  • I did find all the rows quite funny tbh. Every now and then there would be a thread along the lines of 'I don't want any children at my wedding' which would always kick off!
  • YAYW is hilarious. Im ashamed to admit, i would always read the 'kick off' threads for pure entertainment value!
  • Ooooh - I was another YAYW lady who left before she got married (came on here instead - much better). I also loved the 'kick-off' threads when I was feeling a bit low as the majority of them were people getting really het-up over nothing, usually because they've not ready the original post properly!
  • theres was one about a lapdancing club on a stag weekend and the B2B telling her husband he was not allowed to go and she wanted to know if she was being unreasonable, there were plenty of opinions on that one :lol:
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