hot and bothered!

has anyone else got a misery baby today with the heat? he tired alot wont take his milk only juice and is very grumpy! hes driving me mad! aaaggh! hes only got a pair of shorts on! xxx


  • I know, tell me about it!!
    I don't know where you are but we're in canterbury in kent and its really hot here!
    Max hasn't eaten much at all but seems to be drinking a lot of water. He's asleep at the moment though. hopefully he'll sleep ok tonight xx
  • harri bought alot of his up. wont settle anywere! is fidgety, miserable, im in oxfordshire so about 100ish miles away from you (my auntie lives in faversham)! how old is your lo? xxx
  • hia! evie's been a pain int he bum today and i'm sure it's the heat. i've discovered she loves to suck on ice cubes though! thats keeps her happy. and i have some fruit cubs too (just purees frozen in ice cube trays) and she thinks those are fantastic!xx
  • i think harri may be a bit young for that but its a great idea for when hes a bit older!!! ill remember
  • Yep thats my lo!

    Last night awful...22 degrees even with air conditioner on. Ok today so far. Last night since 11-5am she was constantly wanting milk from me....very sore nipples. In the end gave in and went and deforsted some of my expressed milk and she still managed to guzzle down 2.5 oz! Had her in a nappy all night and was still warm, nearly gave her a cold wash.

    Today she has been in a nappy. Havent taken her with me outside apart from the garden as i think it wud be too umcomfortable in the carseat on the pushchair. Unfortuantely can only give her milk to quench her thirst.

    Sorry for long post...was going to rant on here earleir about my sleeples night! xxx
  • is she v young? bumptey? xx
  • yep...6 weeks this w/e
  • so you cant even give a little water?? xxx
  • im not sure.......maybe go researching that one
  • cooled boiled water obviously. i was told that i could when my lo was that age coz he was constipated but he didnt like it
  • yes mines having a sleep too thank god! xxx
  • Cole was grumpy all afternoon too.. least it wasn't just me suffering!! He's gone to sleep ok though thankfully!!

    Hope everyone has better days tomorrow!
  • Max is 6 and a half months so a wee bit more robust now!
    Although today he has hardly eaten anything just wanted the breast all day and has been a bit moany.
    Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit cooler. omg I moaned when it rained, I moan now its sunny, ! You can tell i'm english, can't you :lol:
  • OH MY GOD.... Gabriel has been a whiny sod all day and I know its the bloody heat aaarrrrghhhh!!!!! It came to a head this evening as hes been really sicky and colicky as well, was sick over loads of vests and its making him miserable poor thing. The constant crying was driving me insane especially as my oh works nights so no one to help. Thankfully hes asleep at last now.
  • Yep, Evie's been whingy whiney too! Did my head in this afternoon. Joe wanted me to play out with him and she wanted me to be inside with her. Not to hold her, just sit on the floor next to her so she could see me. Talk about being torn in two!!
  • THANK GOODNESS - I'm not the only one!!

    James is 15 weeks and has hardly had any milk today, hes been really clingy!!
    Hubby does bedtime routine when he gets home from work, so as normal we did tonight, normally no probs so I headed to supermarket . Came home about hr later and he was hysterical, hubby couldn't calm him down!! All he wanted was me!! Felt so guilty though he's never like that - hubby felt a bit pushed out!! Thankfully he did take his bottle and managed to go straight to sleep - just 2 hrs later than normal!! LOL!!
  • It's 35 degrees where I am and doesn't go below 30 at night so surely I must have the grumpiest baby! It's only set to get hotter as well. But I think my lo is probably more used to it as was born when it was 40 degrees and it started getting hot again a couple of months ago. I have to say (dont think i'm crazy) but I do miss the british weather..would love to see some rain! Hope your lo's are better today.x
  • Faye is 12 weeks and woke up screaming her head off in the middle of Boots so I had to pick her up out of her pram. My basket fell off the pram and all my goods fell on the floor then she was sick down my top. We were a mess, I walked around to find somewhere to fed her with her in one arm and pushing the pram with the other hand. She spent one hour and a half on the breast so I had to abandon my shopping trip after that and go home!! There were loads of babies and older children crying and moaning yesterday though so I wasnt the only one.
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