Hi all, hope you can help me.

For the past few days Oscar's been screaming a lot, and he's normally a really child out little man. He's also started doing it halfway through his bottle, making him really difficult to feed - although not on the first one of the day. Last night he had a slight temp - 99.5 from an armpit reading - and whilst he's always been wheezy, it's seemed very bad yesterday - quite a high pitch behind it. The screaming sometimes seems to come after what sounds like a lot of fluid coming up his throat, though he's not being sick. He is dribbling a lot though. It's also sometimes worse if I lay him down after he's been sat up for a while.

So, any ideas?? Rang our local NHS Direct type service and they said maybe a viral thing, but when he's not screaming he seems quite happy so I'm not sure.

Thanks for your help!!

Jem xxx

Oh, he's 12 weeks on Saturday btw


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