Flying in the first trimester?

Did anyone fly before 12 weeks? How did you find it?


  • Can't help, but thought it wasn't recommended? xx
  • I did twice I think. Never realised it wasn't recommended Mith?! Ooops!
  • it is perfectly safe to fly during pregnancy, until 28weeks, when depending on ur risk status and airline, and after 36weeks no one is allowed to fly

    ur more likely to miscarry in the first tri, so most tend to avoid flying before then, but not because flying increases the irsk, jsut if the worst did happen u'd prefer to be at home. air hostesses (i believe) are to refrain from flying in the first tri, but only because thats usually sevral flights per week, so the constant change in air pressure can make them feel quite poorly, but flying for holidays is completely different. just make sure ur comfy, and have plenty of snackls and enough fluids for the flight. if its a long flight u might find ur better off booking the seats with extra leg room and wearing flight socks. and if ur feeling sicky wear the travel sickness bands. but there is no link between flying and miscarriage. most do wait until the mid tri tho, purely because u feel much more well in urself, sickness has gone etc and u may be ahving an energy burst, and also its before the third tri when u might feel 'too big' to get comfy on flights etc.

  • I flew to Turkey at 10 weeks - and back again at 12. I was a bit unsure, but my MW said that the biggest risk is to the blood supply in your legs, and as long as you go for a walk up and down the cabbin every now and then (or do leg exercises in your seat) or wear the very sexy support stockings, then you'll be fine. She said there is nothing to suggest that it is in anyway risky for your baby.

    I think that of someone happened to have a MC after flying they would always blame the flight, even though it was probably just coincidence, and that just makes everyone else scared. IYSWIM?

    Enjoy your holiday.

  • iflew to newzeland at 6 weeks preg with dd1 and back 5 days later!! i didnt even realise i was pregnant at the time and it done no harm and made me no more tired than i felt without flying with dd2.
    also i wasnt sick or anything flying! x
  • What I meant was the safest time to fly was second trimester. Not that you can't fly earlier.
  • Its perfectly safe to fly in the first timester i will be flying when im 10 weeks im not concerned at all have my flight socks at the ready LOL am going to find it much easier than when i flew when expecting DD at 25 weeks now that was HELL!!!

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