weight issues

for those who have lost weight and keeping to it, please can you tell me what your doing.

i need to lose some weight and my boy is 11 months old. what are you ladies doing to lose it and what works?

need ideas as i can get bored easily on certain foods.


  • I've been using Lance Armstrongs web site.

    all you do is sign up and say what sort of exersice you do each day and it can tell you how many calories you can eat each day and it'll keep track of the calories for you all you need to do is enter what you eat each day only takes a few mins each day and really helps keep you motivated and the up side is you don't need to stick to a set diet image
    Good luck
  • I'm doing weight watchers and so far it's working really well - you can eat pretty much whatever you want as long as you stay within your points so you don't get bored x
  • Hi ladies,

    dont want to seem like im butting in but have to get it off my chest lol.
    when visting my gran yesterday she said, have you put weight on looks like you have you need to lose at least 2 stone! imageimage.

    It made me really upset i dont think i have lost any weight since having my lo i dont check to be honest but oh said i have.

    I have tried diets before and nothing seems to work for me. I want to lose weight but i dont know what else to do. I get upset when i see really nice cloths but the shops dont do it in my size and i know it might seem like tmi but i cant even sleep with my partner with the light on.:\(

    Sorry to go on needed to let it out though.
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