anyone else regret.....?

Their babys name????? We have registered our baby a perfectly decent name which suits him, but it's nothing like the names I had thought of when pregnant and it was my OHs suggestion. I just would have preferred on hindsight to have called him something more unusual and in some ways wish we still could. Am I the only one being this silly???? I know there's nothing I can do about it now and do think of him as this name so could'nt really change it even if I could but still feel a bit funny about it. :roll:


  • Me! I love the name grant but I keep calling him derek after his dad! Plus, his middle name is derek so ican help but want to just call him that but I don't want credit confusion as oh gets mistaken for his dad because they have the same name. I'm sure I'll come round!
  • i love love love ds name, but, i've now completely gone off the name we had chosen for if he had been a girl and i'm relieved he was a boy because i now feel that i wld regret the name (although OH still likes it for if we have a girl next time...), perhaps give it time, they say babies grow into their names and u won't be able to imagine them being anything else, i'm sure ur ds has a lovely name, that u too will grow to love, if for nothing else because its his name, iyswim? sorry no help xx
  • Not quite the same but my mum hates my sisters name- always has but my Dad loved it. However my sister really likes having her slightly unusual name (Edel) so I guess that's what matters really- it is hard getting used to calling your new baby a proper name I think but if you really don't like it after few months why not consider a nickname?
  • We had this for Oskar - for the first 3 days we had named him Keiran but then changed our mind and decided to change his name to Oskar. We hadn't registered him but was told if we had that we would have been able to change it anyway as you can re-register your baby changing their name once in the first 12 months without any hassle. I didn't know that at the time but is always useful to know
  • about a month after having pippa i decided i didn't like her name, but i really do love it now, it suits her so much she really has grown into it, i couldn't imagine her being called anything else now, i blame the hormones :lol:
  • Not quite the same but my little girl's name is welsh and people are always pronouncing it wrong. Sometimes I wish I had spelt it the english way so that people pronounced it properly.
  • me as well,both sons have the same middle name which i didnt want but we never talked about it and when they asked h2b looked at me and said the name so t just went and i love both there first names but when you put them together its a name of a alcohol drink

  • Not quite the same thing, but I started to think that "Abigail" wa quite boring so I started to refer to her as "Abby dabby doodle face" which I think is a bit brighter! Glad we didn't register her as that though - can you imagine in a few years, that name coming up when the teacher is doing the register! image
  • me as well,both sons have the same middle name which i didnt want but we never talked about it and when they asked h2b looked at me and said the name so t just went and i love both there first names but when you put them together its a name of a alcohol drink


    not jack daniel? i have been telling people that for a pink bump i have chardonnay and for a blue bump jack daniel. image

    and i love pippa! it was on my list, but not hubby's!
  • We always knew what we wanted to call our children but i just wanted to say that you can changed a babys name within the first 12 months of the childs life

  • I don't regret DS's name but I find it strange when people call him by it. Does that sound wierd, it's like it surprises me then I remember thats his name. I think its because OH and I never call him by his name, we call him all sorts of nicknames instead. I still love it though.
  • yes calleigh,my older son is called daniel and my younger son is called jack :lol: i do hate the drink though

  • so it's not a wink to their conception! ;\)

    i have heard of a child being called tia maria! image
  • :lol: no its not,i hate he stuff and i was perfectly sober when we were conciving :lol:

  • Thanks for all your replies, tia maria, how awful! I don't think I can change his name now because I would feel a bit disconnected from these early weeks then I think. Also I don't want to do anything to develop a complex for him and I think changing his birth certificate, passport etc is a bit nuts, also everyone knows him by his name so that would be hard. I just do prefer another name but I think I'll just have to live with it, and it does suit him.
  • i never regretted LO's name but i couldn't call him by his name for months and months, he was always JJ (Jensen Jack) but now it's just Jensen! x
  • MIss I - I used to think that whenever people said 'Jak', but that's because I think when he was still very tiny we just never used his name really, be just talked to him without really ever saying it. I'm not sure why! Now he's more aware and giggly and makes proper eye contact, we call him Jak all the time so it's not as weird!image
  • it took a while for us to start using ds name properly too, i think its just getting used to have a proper person with a new name about lol, he was and sometimes still is affectionately referred to as 'the boy' lol, although he was always introduced to ppl as Austin, and really its only me and OH who call him that between ourselves when at hoe, and if we're talking to him we use his name, but it'll be things like 'can u feed the boy please?' lol...sounds terrbile really but it's our little term of endearment, well i think its better than 'stinky' which is what OH tends to call him lol.
  • I do sometimes go through phases of regretting it actually. When she was first born we chose it really quickly so we could text everyone to say baby had arrived. We had been soooo convinced we were having a boy we hadn't really given girls names enough thought!

    A few days after she was born (when I was in baby blues/PND hell) I had a massive wobble about it and told OH I wanted to change it (to Sophie) and he thought I was crazy suggesting we text everyone again to say we'd changed her name when we'd already received so many cards saying 'welcome Beth'! I didn't call her Beth for ages. And it felt really weird when I did. In fact occasionally I would call her something else (Sophie, Sophia, Carla) to see if it felt better. I think like others have said at the start any name feels a bit strange really so I probably would have wobbled about any name we'd picked.

    Now she is Beth to me. Buuuuut, I do sometimes wish we had chosen a longer name or a name with more alternatives. Like Hannah Wannah etc! There's not much you can do with 'Beth'! We went for just 'Beth' as I wasn't keen on 'Bethany' (OH's parents have v strong London accents and I didn't want her being 'BEF-an-nAAY.) But sometimes Beth seems too abrupt. So I often end up going 'Be-eth'! I also solve the problem by calling her Bethelina, Chunky Monkey much more than Beth!

    Anyway, essay over!
  • I love my kids names but i wish I'd hadn't named my 2nd grace as now shes 5 its obvious shes anything but gracefull so i feel it doesn't suit her now!
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