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why is it when our little ones are small we are encouraged to sleep when they do and now that Abby is 7 months and been waking screeming every three hours because she has had a bad bug i feel guilty haveing a nap when she does through the day????
she been asleep now for 2 hours and i have done all the house work ,came on here for a wee while when what i really should have done was have a snooze???
i just feel like i would be a lazy cow if i did
fea x


  • Go for it fea. It's proven that we function better if we have a nap during the day. And I think it's alright to have a little kip even if your lo has slept through. x
  • feel ok having a nap during the day on the weekend but feel cos hubby is out working my kids are my job so feels strange to have nap during the day !!? its my own guilt hubby is always telling me to have a lie down as he works away so i on my own till he gets home every second week end
    fea x
  • my baby is 9months old and has been wakin up alot at night so when he has his mornin nap i also have a nap 4 half hour i feel alot better 4 it and my partner also encourages me to do this because he cant help with baby til weekends because he works away
  • Some days i nap with Ruby in the afternoon, depending on how much housework i've got to do!

    I feel so much better for it, and am a much nicer person by the time oh gets home from work! I'm get really grumpy if i'm tired! lol

  • I always felt terrible napping during the day so i stopped it when lo was 2 weeks old as i felt worse than before. Saying that if my lo slept for more than 10 minutes at a time and i was going to get at least an hour i would definatly sleep when she does. Dont feel guilty, being a mummy is the hardest job in the world, not exactly physically demanding but very mentally demanding trying to keep lo amused all day is no easy task. x
  • I don't see a problem in having a nap during the day. When Kara was younger I napped when she did in the afternoon somedays. Now she only sleeps a half hour at a time so it is not worth my while trying to fall asleep when she does. I would be wakened as soon as I fall asleep. These half hours gives me time to run around the house and get as much done. She is sleeping now and I should be cleaning windows but of course I am on this lol. My hubby tells me every day to sleep when she does but its not that easy. If you can grab any sleep I would say go for it. Being a mum is not an easy job. It's very tiring.
  • i napped with my first one as i wouldn't have survived the colic and being up everynight. now I'm up with either of them or even both in the night and the oldest doesn't have a nap so I don't get chance and I really missed it in the early months as i was so desparately tired. now though even when eldest is at pre-school for afternoon i don't bother having a nap but baby is 4 months now so sleeps a bit better at night.
    you should definately sleep when you can - its a 24 hour job so its not like going to work when you can stop when you come home! don't feel guilty - if you're not tired you're going to be less frazzled and thats better for the children - from my experience anyway!
    Its not like you get proper lunch breaks or tea breaks either so definately do what you've got to do to survive.
  • Oh I'm all up for sleeping during the day and did it when Joe was little if we'd had a bad night or something. It's much harder with 2 though, they never seem to nap at the same time. That said they're both flat out now (one's ill and one's 8wks) and I'm wasting valuable snoozing time by being on here!!!!
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