did anyone have a dry land homebirth? also in homebirths

i am still toying with the idea of getting a pool but dont know whether i could manage without one. hearing people's experiences of labour, pools seem to make it a little more manageable! they are expensive at ??80, especially if it doesnt arrive on time.

what do people who had dry home births think?



  • I really wanted a home water birth, I got a birth in the box pool from ebay and I resold it on there too. It was bliss. I spent 7 hours in the pool and it was fantastic for pain relief compared to being on dry land laying down on a bed, pure hell unfortunately for me Luke was to big for my pelvis and I had to have an emergency c-section. I can't recommened a water birth enough it was heaven when in it
  • I had a home birth for my first baby in December and it was the best decision I've ever made.

    I didn't want a birth pool as I didn't want to actually give birth in water and thought I'd be able to just wallow in the bath for the early stages so there didn't seem much point. I hired a TENS machine too which you can't use in water. I guess you're thinking of using it mainly for pain relief so I'll tell you what I used and when as I go through.

    My waters (part) broke in the morning at 6am and I went back to sleep until about 11am - very mild tummy ache at this point and sleep meant I didn't really feel much. Then I had contractions over lunchtime and into the afternoon - all of which were manageable and I didn't feel any need/desire to get into the bath. I bounced on my ball quite a lot and concentrated on my breathing. Midwife arrived around 4.30/5ish to check me over (she thought I had ages to go from the phone call) and found I was already 10cm. At this point I was bouncing up and down on the ball, listening to a relaxing CD (which DH refers to as whale music) and doing breathing exercises. It was more painful at this stage, but I just kept thinking that the G&A was where when I needed it. Remembered the TENS machine and DH started to read the instructions (in my defense baby was also a bit early - I'm not usually so disorganised!) but baby had arrived by 6.30 so there was no time to use it.

    I really feel that being at home in my own bedroom (kneeling on an old duvet at the foot of the bed) made it less painful and meant I didn't need a birthing pool.

    I found that every time I mentioned I'd planned a home birth people would a) be really surprised (I'm no earth mother!!) and b) ask whether I was having a water birth - I think it's the done thing.

    Hope this helps - a dry home birth can be done and very successfully too :\)
  • ok! 2 very different answers lol but at least i know a dry birth is possible. i have actually just had an email from the pool hire people saying they can have it to me by tuesday. (which is my due date according to my 12 week scan image )

    what to do...
  • Having the pool at home doesn't mean you have to use it - you could change your mind when you go into labour, or even part way through. But if you think you may want to use it and it's possible to get it to you so quickly then I'd go with it.

  • I had one on dry land and so glad I didnt bother getting a pool as when I went in the bath i freaked and was shouting at OH to get the water off of me, its wierd coz i wallowed in the bath for 8 weeks prior to that.

    My birth story is in my other topics, loved every second and cant wait to do it again. Good Luck hun and make sure you post your story as I love them especially homebirth ones.

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