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Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for a bit of advise with regard to baby massaging. I have my name down on a waiting list to attend classes in my area although I think there will be a bit of a wait - seems very popular! Does anyone else attend classes or massage their baby at home - if so what oils/lotions do you use. I have also posted this in 'My baby was born in Dec 09' where olive oil was suggested.
I have been a member of this site since August 09 and have found it sooooo useful (this is the first time I have asked a question myself!) My LO was due on 2nd Jan 2010 but as she was breech I had a planned C-section on 30th December. Can't believe how fast the time has gone!
Thanks again for your help.


  • we dont have as class near us but after LOs bath i massage him with baby oil, he has dry skin anyway from bathing everynight but its a lovely time we have together x

    becca and jacob
    12 weeks, 2 days
  • I took Sasha to baby massage a few weeks ago when she was about 4 weeks old, we used olive oil. Basically don't use baby oil as its synthetic but use any natural oil instead. It's a shame you have to wait so long for your class. Ours was a course of 3 classes, at the first one their was about 7 of us, but then the second one only 2 of us were there and then just me for the last one. I really enjoyed it though, and so did Sasha and we do it most evenings when she's in a good enough mood to.
  • Thank you so much for your replys - I can't wait to get started as I know my LO will love it. Until quite recently she has had sensitive, dry skin - GP prescribed Aveeno cream and said to only bath her in plain water twice a week which was hard as she loves her baths. As her skin is now much better I have increased her baths to every other night and am going to start putting in some Johnsons bubble bath. I saw a good programme on TV the other day about massaging your baby at home so I think that i will use the olive oil and give it a go while waiting for a place at the classes.
    Cutie82- doesn't the time fly!! The first 6 weeks seemed very hard mainly due to the lack of sleep I think!! Over the last 4 or 5 weeks she has settled herself into her own routine which is great and means that I can have a good nights sleep as she now only wakes up for feeding at 4.30am. Today she has decided that she can now go 3 1/2 hours between feeds but wants more in each bottle - funny how they just do these things!
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