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My 10month old daughter is currently on 3 7oz bottles of milk a day and isn't a big eater. Was at the childminder with her today for her trial before I go back to work and she said that she hadn't given her her bottle yet when I collected her. This was her 3pmish bottle. Never gave her the bottle when I got home and gave her some fruit instead. She ate her supper really well though and seemed less fussy. Should I now try to drop this bottle then?


  • grace is breastfed and is 8 mths but shes really cut down on her milk intake too and now only has 2 breastfeeds a day.Hope this helps a little xxx
  • Hi,
    Carrie is almost 11 months and has been on 2 7oz bottles for a while (1st thing in the morning and last thing at night) When we dropped the 3pm one I started giving her finger food as snacks then to replace it. She has always been a good eater but when she began to lose interest in bottles I always dropped them and upped the food she was getting.

    My HV told me the other day to drop her now to 1 bottle a day and give her food at bedtime instead.

    I always add up the milk I'm using in her food in a day to make sure it covers the dropped bottle.

    I'm going to try giving her supper at bedtime instead of a bottle this weekend - I never could quite get my head round dropping a bottle and more so now it's going to be down to just 1 a day - it feels like my babys growing up too fast!!!
  • Thanks for your help guys. Gave her the bottle at 3pm today just to see and she took around 3 oz. I then gave her a banana and she ate that too. Will maybe just put 4oz into a cup and see if she takes it herself and also offer her a snack with it.

    She is cutting teeth again so I like to try and give her as much milk as poss as she doesn't eat much.
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