what's wrong with me?

I've had quite a shit afternoon and oh & I have had a big fall out where he was quite nasty to me and also had a bit of a family argument too. When oh being nasty to me earlier I felt like I was going to faint for some reason, prob cos I was so upst with everything going on. I suffer with pnd due to anxiety so things like this are not good for me at all. I now feel really sick & dizzy and just can't stop crying. I've suffered anxiety attacks in the past but they've never felt like this. God why do I feel like this - help


  • hey,

    I'm sorry to hear thats you've had a bad afternoon.

    I feel like that if I havn't eaten enough. I went through a small stage where I couldn't see anything for a few mins if I was too hot and hungry. The doctor told me to eat foods rich in iron and protein.

    Also, you could be dehydrated if you've been crying lots and not eaten/drunk anything.

    Hope your feeling better soon, try taking big deep breaths and have a nice snack and drink.

  • it seems maybe the stress of family stuff and oh can trigger off anxiety in different forms, just take 5 mins relax, take deep breaths and eat some chocolate - not proven to work but why not treat yourself!
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