any ideas on how you know when teeth are about to irrupt?? my lo is 17 weeks dribbles all the time constantly has hands in her mouth with lovely rosy cheeks!! have tried to look but cant really see anything.. x


  • Kara is 9 months tomorrow and still no teeth and has been like this from about 5 months so I think they can erupt at any stage. Nothing one day and a tooth the next.
  • Hi my lo dibbled really bad, chewed his hands and had rosy cheeks all the time from about 4 months old and everyone said 'oh there must be a tooth apearing' !! Well one appeared the other day - just before he was 8 months!!!? The night before it appeared through the gum he had an awful night (he has always slept well) and he got a tempature. This was the first time he had ever seemed ill and I was relived when I saw the tooth so I knew what was wrong! The second one has started to appear now at the same time and they don't seem to be bothering him. For the odd times I think they hurt him I use teething granules.
    You could be waiting a while - sorry! Or they might appear tomorrow! image
  • hi my lo has just cut her first two teeth in the past few days, she was really dribbley when she was 3-4 months old but nothing happened and all of sudden these two have appeared from nowhere, she hasnt been dribbling at all. she is 7 1/2 months now x
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