taking 3 month old on holiday abroad - advice/tips?


I'm planning on going on holiday in september when my son will be 3 months old. Not sure where we're going yet but somewhere like Cyprus.

I'm breastfeeding so that will be easier I guess. and we're going with another family so will be able to help/support each other.

I was just wondering if anybody else who has been on holiday with a young baby has any tips or advice for me please?

I'm aware that we will have to be very careful with keeping him cool etc, but feel that there shouldn't be any problems taking him away this early....

thanks in adance! xxx


  • Hubby and I took our son to Barbados when he was 9 wks old and he was brilliant out there. My first piece of advice: don't listen to anyone else's opinions like "oh youre brave!!" It was the best thing we could have done as he learnt to self settle out there!!! it was funny to watch people's opinions change as the week went by.

    We also moved abroad to oz when he was 3 mnths old.

    I guess the best thing I could suggest is to take a few pashminas/sarongs to cover the pram. I have a white cotton one that was great for daytime cos it would block out the sunlight when he napped in the day if we were out, but let the cool breeze through so he didnt get too hot. At night I had a darker one so it would block out the lights when we went out for dinner.
    At 3 or 4 months or younger I found it easier to take them out than when they get older and need to be put down in their cot for night time sleep.

    Hope you have a lovely holiday.
  • Hi,
    I live in Spain so my little one has to deal with heat constantly and I can't stress enough how important I think it is to avoid the hottest parts of the day. From my own personal experience babies cannot sleep properly in tremendous heat and have little appetite, the same as happens to adults really! So I make sure to keep her indoors between 1pm and around 4pm at the earliest.
    I don't see any problem at all on taking them on holidays so young (as I say, we live here and we get along just fine!) as long as you take into account the sun. Here we are told not to take LO into the sea until at least 6 months, by the way. They say that the water termperature is not suitable for them at this young age and the suncream / salt from the sea etc is too harsh for their delicate skin.
  • Oh, and good tip from the lady above! I always use muslins to cover the pram up when the sun is really coming down. It's better than covering them in suncream xxx
  • We took Hugo to New Zealand at 3 months old and he was fine. A muslin to cover the pram is a great idea - I actually used my Bebe au lait breast feeding cover as it's nice and big! I bought a couple of big hair clip thingees (like clothes pegs - not sure what they're called) from Boots to fasten the cover to the frame so that it didn't slip off.

    Hugo was fine with the heat but he struggled with the bright sun - he was born in Deccember and it was high summer in New Zealand so he had never seen the proper sun before! He LOVED lying in his pram under a tree looking at the leaves blowing in the trees though.

    My biggest tip would be: DON'T OVER PACK! I packed loads of clothes for him and he spent most of the time in a vest and nappy as it was so hot so all the cute shirts and shorts went unworn. Oh and a 0.5tog or 1.0tog sleeping bag was great for sleeping in.

    Have a great time!
  • we took LO away when she was 12 weeks and apart from a packing list as long as the bible it was pretty easy.

    my tips would be:
    if he has a favourite daytime activity, (eg playing on his baby gym) take it with you! We took DD's and it was great. Like home from home. (and didn't really cause a packing issue as I was too fat to fit in any of my clothes anyway!)

    - Incognito mozzie spray (one of the few you can use on young babies that works)

    - try out suncreams on bubs in advance - my DD has eczema and lots made it worse

    - check in early and ask check in staff to try and put a block on the seat next to you and hubby so you have a good chance of having a 3rd seat to lay sleeping LO one. (not all airlines will offer but most will do it if you ask).

    - take a baby carrier if you've got one to the airport. We flew to Mallorca and the baggage carrosels (SP?) where you pick the buggy up from are MILES from the gates and my DD is a bit of a brusier! (also hard to carry handbagge etc with a tiny tot)

    - take every medicine and cream you can think of including teething stuff. I did and hubby mocked me ("she's only 12 weeks why do you need to pack everything but the kitchen sink") and lo and behold we needed them at 2am on the last day. ha!

  • Im going to Cyprus with my 2 children in September too. My son will be 3 months and my daughter will just be turning 2!

    I have no worrys about my son im sure he will just sleep! dd on the other hand will be the problem, how do you keep a 2 year old still for 5 hours? :lol: xx
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