Not taking fluids

Hi ladies,

I have always struggled to get Isobel to drink fluids but this week it seems to be getting worse. She usually has each day:

Bf (about 10 mins)
Brekkie: cereal and milk
Lunch: savoury meal and yoghurt - (Has a couple of sips of water from Tommy Tipee beaker, but would probably quite happily go without this)
Mid Afternoon: 5oz formula (but has refused this for the past 2 days)
Tea: savoury meal and fruity dessert (Again just a couple of sips of water from a doidy cup)
Bf (about 10 mins)

I do tend to mix some water into her food just so she's getting a bit of liquid this way.

I'm worrying that she's not getting enough fluid.

Has anyone else had this problem? Do you think it might be worth just trying a few more different beakers and cups?

Thanks Debbie xx


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