bumbo seats


just poking my head in from pregnancy forum!
was wondering if anyone has a bumbo seat and what opinions are on them
didn't have one with my first, but have seen then since then and it looks quite useful,
they are not too expensive, but didn't want to spend out if not that good



  • we got one off e bay as didnt want to get one and him hate it, he managed to escape out of it at 4 months!!!!!so on the same day of getting it we relisted it on ebay that night its gr8 for some but for me it i was glad i didnt buy one new! x
  • Hiya

    We bought one for my lil girl, and I think they are great. I did read some bad reviews about them (babies jumping out and getting hurt) but once she got a little too wriggly we stopped using it, and never left her alone in it. It was great when we starting weaning, like a portable high chair. And so easy to clean. She loved it to. We bought a pink one, and if we have a boy next time we'd def buy a blue one.
  • Matthew likes his but will only sit in for a max of 10 mins cos he gets bored very easily. I got his from ebay...i saved ??10! Its excellent for weaning, like hayls said...portable high chair! We take it to family's houses when we visit!! xx
  • Nope hated it we both did so sold it, waste of money for us
  • harri liked it for a day and has hated it ever since! xxx
  • Lily loves her bumbo - though she has managed to get out of several times now, so we never leave her unattended in it. It's great for taking round to family & friends and I also used it when I started weaning.
  • Hi Lainer,
    We have one for Ruby. I was desperate for one as thought she'd love it but she looks so uncomfortable in it and gets fed up within 10 minutes or so. I'm thinking of buying a bebepod which is a similar thing but looks much more comfortable xx
  • brooke loved hers really helped her siting up etc.. we bought ours on ebay saved some money! i really reccomend them .and like others have said its handy for a high chair! xxx
  • We have a bebepod which I think is more comfy than a bumbo (legs aren't stuck straight out) and also has the attached tray which I thought would be good.

    Cole hasn't been so keen on it but eventually i figured out he didn't like the tray over his legs so I took it off! He'll happily sit in it for a while to play, but its no good for feeding as he tends to lean over to the side and then drool food on the floor, plus he looks down a lot which doesn't help!!

    I wish I'd bought it for him earlier (he was 4 montsh when we got it) as i think we'd have got a lot of use out of it from a lot younger.

    It is actually pretty sturdy too.. when he gets fed up he tends to arch his back and lean backwards and the pod hasn't even come remotely close to tipping
  • Thanks for all the advice everyone
    i will certainly have a look at the bebepod as an alternative

  • We got a bumbo seat for Jack off ebay, but he manages to throw himself out of it, so it's totally impractical for us. I have to say, the best thing we've bought for Jack is a door bouncer, cos he always wants to be on his feet, and a 7 months he can't stand on his own yet!! x
  • We bought ours new and paid about ??30.00 but tbh we haven't really had our moneys worth.
    He did use it a little bit but after about 5 mins of sitting in it, got restless and started moaning and arching backwards to get out. We don't really use it now so are thinking of putting it on ebay although imagine you lose quite a lot of money image
    I guess you can't tell really as some babies seem to really like them!
  • evie absolutely loved hers when she was smaller. and i found it really really handy as she couldnt escape from it and it helped her with her sitting and things. i could also use it to feed her her solids in sometimes too. xx
  • we got a bumbo, and ollie got out of it at 4 months.... was a waste of money for us. (anyone wants to buy it let me know coz i havent got round to relisting it yet) we bought a door bouncer and it was fab - got ollie walking by 10 months image

    the bumbo like someone said makes their legs stick out, ollie was forever looking over the side of it and almost tipping it over, managing to arch his back and lift his bum high enough to get out of it. Not good. :\(

    we found that a walker helped ollie more than a bumbo, he still couldnt move it anywhere but it had an activity tray on it and was just as sturdy.

  • i put my lo in one from 3 months, but he didn't use it for too long hes now 5 months and his thighs are a bit fat for it.
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