pains. advice please?

i had my lo 8 months ago but nearly all the time i still have pains in my womb area. tonight its up and down both sides, where my hip bones are and it felt like the pain was going down my legs. sometimes its just down one side. it also comes on just after being stressed or upset. i thought at first it was normal because your body changes after childbirth but im becomming more worried because it doesnt feel "normal"

sorry to go on. does anyone know what this might be? going to make a doctors appointment

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  • Sorry I can't help you but I would got o the doctors. Keep us posted.
  • keep us posted as i may have something similar. since pregnancy i've had a pain occasionally by my hip bone-ish, through preg was told it was muscle stretching but if i twist quickly or sometimes just strain standind up or stretching i still get pain too and it can last a little while. My lo is 6mnths old now but i have not spoke to doc, assumed its still the muscle hurting so if you do go and they say different please let us know. Only difference i think is that i cant feel pain down my leg. xxx
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