What a night & day so far....

.....I spent most of the early hours of this morning being very sick and also terrible runs (sorry if tmi).

Did not get up until 1.30pm, I ache all over and my throat is killing me. When oh feeding Charlotte her lunch she puked everywhere so not sure if we both have the same thing. She seems ok now though but I feel as rough as f***



  • Aww that's not nice, hopefuly it's only a 24 hour bug, and passes soon!

    Hope you feel better tomorrow!
  • My oh had this since Fri night! It's a weird bug thing. He woke up fine today though, so hopefully it won't last long. XOX
  • Oh no! Hope you feel better soon. xxxxx and that Charlotte hasnt caught it x
  • Awww hope you feel better soon hun.

    Me and oh have just got rid of a similar thing and it was awful!

    Take care

    Lisa xxx
  • aww feel better soon, ive had a bit of an upset tummy the past few days and sickness, but ive put it down to pregnancy lol
  • ahhh thanks everyone. I think there is a bug around. I can remember another lady posting on her recently about her oh having to go to hospital and their lo cos of sickness.
    I really hope Charlotte hasn't got it. She's been fine apart from the one big puke! She has MMR jab on Tuesday and I've already postponed it once cos of a cold she had.
  • yeah that was me hun, i've had it now too...JJs still really poorly with it, thought we'd turned a corner but he's just thrown up everything he's had today, i just don't know what to do anymore :cry: gunna get him to the docs tomorrow x
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