aarrrggghhh talk about short notice!!

The postman came about an hour ago with an appt for Archie's kidney tests TODAY at 2pm.
Typical I've got Tom off nursery as he is unwell so I've got to take him to my sisters (to spread germs) and go by myself as oh is at work. The hospital is a good hour away and there's never any parking so have to allow plenty of time hence have to go soon. Am soooo tired as Tom coughed and spluttered all night, am bf'ing Archie with difficulty and really could do without this today..... :cry:
Will hopefully find out whether his kidneys are working enough though !
Will update later- sorry for the moan.......


  • Good luck hun, cannot believe how short notice and ridiculous that is! What's the date the letter was written? xxx
  • thats ridiculous but i hope you get some answers x
  • Letter was written last Monday but sent 2nd class so only arrived today !
    Dreading it as he'll need a catheter and IV access so is going to be really upset and I'll be on my own which I hate !!!!
    Have just put pram in the car and leaving now.
  • good luck hun hope it goes well send big hugs
  • That sounds awful, i feel horrified for you just reading it, i hope it all goes as well as possible, let us know you're ok x
  • Good luck! I hope it all went well!
  • Hmmmph, picked Archie up to put in the car and he'd poo'd right up to his neck so had to do a quick bath and got to the hosp with 5 mins to spare!
    They put a catheter in (secured to his winky with tape-ouch) did a scan then filled his bladder with dye and watched it empty x2. They didn't do the mag (mac?) test so no clearer on kidney function but they found his right kidney is still smaller than it should be (the left is missing altogether), the bladder is mishapen (don't know why or if serious) but there isn't reflux so they don't know why the ureters are enlarged.
    Have to wait now for another appt- hope they give me more notice!!!
  • welll done babe for getting there on time you were both very brave id have hated going on my own. hope they sort him out soon x
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