Biccy Pegs


Anyone used these, and know where to get them from?



  • ASDA do em. cam isnt really bothered with them. they have a little string you put through a loop on them and attach to baby so they cant choke on them. but cameron just gets annoyed at tugging at it.
  • hiyaa, i know they sell them in sainsbury to, but i have never used them either x
  • Jonathan loves them, we get ours from boots!
  • Hey, we got ours in Boots they're in a purple cardboard box.
    Alf quite likes em but as you only get one piece of stringy/ribbony thing they're a bit faffy especially (sp!) when they're covered in dribble! Hope your lo likes em. x
  • Mum used them for me, she swore by them but I've not managed to find any in Plymouth yet.
  • We got ours from Boots but haven't used them a great deal. Was a bit disappointed they didn't have enough ribbons with them as found we could have done with one for each!
  • We got Zacky his from ASDA. The only string that is provided got chucked in the bin with the 1 that he chomped on. He wasnt very interested. They have no taste and are super hard. Didnt do anything for me... but then again Im not teething. Rest are still in the cupboard.

    Just gotta add Zacky just tried to grab daddys rather large glass of red wine, LOL.
  • We got ours from the pharmacy and some anbesol. Riley loves them, really goes at them making lots of noise. xxx
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