Formula questions for my 1 week old

Hi ladies,

My daughter was born a week ago today, and still trying to get to grips with all things baby related!

I have a question on formula. I am making up the bottles in advance as when she wakes for a feed, she needs fed that second! It seems to be working out well for us.

We took out first walk today, and I just didn't know what to do for her formula? Should I warm one of the premade bottles that I have already made? (This might be cool by the time we are ready for a feed?) Should I buy some ready made formula cartons, and just take out a sterilised bottle?

I'm just wondering what you ladies do? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Rucky and Eva, 1 week today!


  • Hey Hun image congrats firstly! With regards to feeding while out and about I take a bottle of boiled water, formula in a milk powder dispenser & we have an excellent Tommee Tippee travel bottle warmer flask thingy! It keeps the water boiling for hours. If you didn't fancy the above you can heat a bottle & pop it in one of those insulated bottle bags, TT & Aent do them. One reason I don't do it that way though is thought you had to use the milk within 2 hours of reheating it?! I might be wrong though so don't quote me on it! Hope this helps image. Or, the ready made cartons are fine, but we found we wasted a fair bit as it's no resealable & once opened needs storing in a fridge! But for a quick fix they are handy image. Sorry for rambling!! Xxx
  • hello and congratualtions on your new arrival

    if the feed was going to be quite soon after we had gone out we use to make the bottle up (it is fine for 2 hous once made) or if it was going to be longer we either took a bottle of cooled boiled water and powder in a pot, then added the powder and put it in a travel warmer (basically a flask with a lid big enough for the bottle to warm) or take a sterile bottle and buy a ready made carton x
  • Thanks ladies. So, would you place the cooled boiled water in the sterilised bottle and then into the bottle warmer? Then add the powder when you needed it? How long did it stay warm for would you say?

    Thanks for your help with this xxx
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