No nap :( has anyone tried a sleep technique?

I just wondered if anyone had tried any sleeping technique, like controlled crying or pick up/put down or anything else at naptimes as well as bedtime?

Lately Evie (8 months) just won't go for a nap in the cot. I know it's cos my hubby is home more now (he's a fireman so is off 4 days in 8, and he works 2 night shifts so that's another 2 days he's home) and we're out a lot- so Evie tends to go to sleep in car and then I don't put her in cot when we get home.

I've been trying baby whisperer method of pick up/put down but I'm not sure it will work for us because I've got Lily as well and they share a room. So I'm meant to stay in there with Evie til she nods off, but I can't leave Lily on her own downstairs! And if she's in bed too she just shouts me and disturbs Evie. Plus whenever I try and get out of the room, when I think Evie is asleep, she wakes up and cries again and have to do it all over again. :cry: By which point I feel like crying too!

She had a 15 min nap today which is an improvement, but it took her half an hour to get to sleep!

Sorry if this is all a bit rambly, but I'm just not sure what to try. If anyone has had any success with a sleep method I'd love to hear it! I just used to put her in cot awake and she'd play for a bit, maybe whinge for 10 mins and then go to sleep...I miss those days!



  • Maybe it's just their age! I tried controlled crying with my eldest and it didn't seem to work- mind you her crying was so horrendous that I couldn't stand it for long! She seemed to sort of grow out of it so hopefully Evie might be same.

    I've just had a major case of guilts cos baby whisperer says that if you leave your baby to cry you've broken their trust! But I don't think it's true, just makes you feel bad!

  • Thanks hun! That's reassuring. I think I might just stay until she settles and then leave and do controlled crying. I feel a bit stronger about doing it this time! She's had a brief nap this aft, just about half an hour but at least she's not as grumpy now. Fingers crossed for bedtime!

  • Hiya.
    Theo is usually a pretty good napper in the day although he had the odd day when he only has half an hour and then is awake again, I keep him downstairs at nap time, I put him down in the pram in the hall and just leave him to it! He might have a little grizzle and takes a little while to go off but I think the important thing is to catch them when their ready, not before or after which is really tricky! What signs of tiredness is she showing when you put her down? If their at the stage where their rubbing their eyes or yawning then it tends to be difficult because their over tired, at least thats what happens with Theo! I put him down when I know he isnt hungry but is generally whingy and picking him up or playing with him doesnt pacify him and he goes off with little fuss normally. The reason I keep him downstairs is more of a desperate bid to teach him night from day but it seems to help him nap better. He doesnt sleep so well at night, he generally wakes every 2-3 hours just for his dummy but its still irritating! So I keep him downstairs inn the hope he'll learn day time is noisy and bright and night time is dark and quiet. Controlled crying just does not work with Theo, he gets too worked up! I'm better off picking him up and calming him and then put him down as soon as he stops crying.
    Theo is nearly 5 months old by the way.
  • I use controlled crying with Ryan and the first couple of times i was pulling my hair out with the noise, i went in every ten minutes just to put his dummy in and then usually after the second set of ten minutes he was fast asleep.
    It took about 3 days of this but now he usually goes down after a few moans and growns and settles himself quite easily at night time and nap time.
    Its definatly a hard thing to persivere with but its so worth it in the end cos before ryan wouldnt nap unless he was on my lap so i couldnt get anything done.

    Hope this helps a bit, goodluck and be strong
  • any advice on this will be greatfully recieved
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