Inspiration Please - BLW meal ideas

breakfast = toast and jam and self feeds ready brek (messy)

yoghurts, crumpets - weetabix etc

lunch= houmus (favourite!) sandwich soft cheese ham bagels pitta yoghurt

dinner= skinned fish fingers, skinless sausages omlette
brocolli cauliflower carrot baked beans
baked potatoes roast potatoes chips (only occasionall)

but i am really struggling fopr more ideas especially evening meal and meat variety - i have ordered chicken gougons on this week shop to try along with asparaugus and peaches



  • I'm not weaning yet, but pasta in sauce? Salmon fingers, as you use the cod ones anyway? xx
  • hiya - excuse the typing ...1 handed as freddie's asleep on my lap!

    could you make some burgers? or do spag bol, cottage pie, meat loaf ...

    errrm we're not really blw so not entirely sure what i'm on about!

  • Hi,

    I kept a food diary for a week to get the HV to check over as I wasn't sure I was giving Grace enough etc..... I've just copied down from it, so hope it helps!

    Cheese sticks
    Pieces of roast chicken and roast beef
    Chunks poached cod (sometimes in cheese and spinach sauce)
    Strawberry pieces
    Mango slices
    Melon slices
    Baked salmon in pieces
    Baked butternut squash mashed with cheddar - is quite a thick consistency
    Homemade burgers
    Bread fingers with mashed avocado topping
    Scrambled egg with melted cheese
    Pitta and roasted veg with houmous or guacamole
    Dairylea or Philly with breadsticks
    Meatballs in garlic and tomato sauce

    Grace also particularly loves pieces of penne with a cheese, brocolli and spinach sauce!

    Em xx
  • Hi

    I did a finger food list a while back which keeps on getting bumped up every now and again when these questions come up.

    I'll find it in a sec and bump it up - feel free to add more as I'm always looking for new ideas!

    C x
  • Just wanted to say I admire any woman who does BLW with readybrek :lol:
  • Dylan loves cottage pie and lasagne with vegetables (especially carrots) on the side! You could also do shephards pie with lamb also?

    Roast dinners my MIL gave him braising steak the other day, she cooked it for about a year to make sure it was tender and gave it him with gravy veg and a bit of yorkie pud and he loves roast chicken.

    Also how about sardines on toast? Also different sandwich varietys such as chicken, the filling always gets eaten seperately in our house but his favourite is sandwichs at the minute so were experimenting :lol: were having egg mayo sandwiches tomorrow im expecting LOTS of mess I actually cant wait image

    love to gorgeous Toby and you of course xxxx
  • thank you ladies - i am so glad i have weetabix coloured carpet as bean juice suasages and mashed potato blends in quite well! We are going to buy a carpet cleaner and do it once every couple of weeks as it is just a pain to get the plastic mat cleaned all the time.

    LOL to the ready brek - i was being brave - i now gererally sit toby in his high chair with just a nappy on and me in yesterdays clothes!
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