Pre-Making Feeds

Hi Ladies,

I know there has been a million posts about this, but i cant find any of them....

Just for advice....Can i make up Archies feeds (i.e. boil up water and add powder, leave to cool) and store them in the fridge??? I know it says you shouldnt, but sorting his feeds after a 3hour nap in the day with him screaming in my ear is difficult! Plus hes so in and out of feeding patterns atm i cant guess his feedeing times.

Thanks for your help



  • hi, im pretty sure u can do it this way, i know there are a few ladies on here that do this for their lo and theyve never had ne problems. with my lo i sterilise all the bottles after her last feed and fill them with boiled water- then i just add the powder when she needs a feed. xxx
  • yeah i do the same as u butterfly clean the bottles, make up water leave to cool, put them in fridge and add milk when ready, if its easier emilyb u can buy them milk holders that holds about 3 lots of mlik so when u cum to feeding u dont have to start scooping it out, there only about ??3.50 - ??4.50 u can get them from boots, mothercare etc. Hope this helps image x x
  • Yeah you can do it that way, they last for 24 hours in the fridge that way.

    We make 6 5oz feeds up for Jack a day, and add the scoops to the water as and when he wants a feed. So if we don't use all the water its not really wasted, whereas if you were using formula it could get wasted if he didnt want what you had made up.

  • I've done both. With Lauren I would make up 24 hours worth of feeds, with milk powder added and store them in the fridge (this was recommended at the time). With Nathan I sterilise, add water to the bottles then just leave them on the side to add the milk just before he has them, he drinks at room temp so saves having to warm them.

  • I do the same as MumDonna & Garfield, it's so easy, I use the powder dispensers as well for added laziness ;\) I do warm them up but it only takes 25 secs in the micro or a minute in boiling water, takes longer if it's been in the fridge, though it's fine to do it that way too image
  • thanks for the info ladies, i think i'll stick to boiling up the water and leaving them on the side in the kitchen as its quite cold in ours, and just add the powder as i need to. dont want to upset his system image
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