Help! going on hol soon and worrying about everything!!!

Hi all!

Help! We are going on holiday very very soon (not putting exact details on here!!!) and I wondered if anyone has any hints and tips for me and could hopefully answer some of my questions!

We are going to Tunisia... initially we ruled it out - people scare mongered us about Toby getting tummy upsets etc. Whilst we aren't naive and realise this is a possibility, I think if we continue to be the very good mummy and daddy we are and look after him super super super well, he'll be OK.

Jabs... I went on the website and thankfully there are no compulsory jabs. Only Tetantus and Hep A are recommended. Hubby and I both have these (from our honeymoon in 2007) but of course Toby only has the Tetanus from his ???????normal??????? jabs. Toby is nearly 11-months. The ???????travelling with children??????? help-sheet the website gave, suggests that providing you are not going anywhere OTHER than a good hotel, outside of the hotel etc... then they do not routinely give any jabs (other than their normal ones) under 1yrs old. Hubby and I feel confident about that and of course we are going to take EVERY precaution to ensure Toby doesn't get poorly. What do you say? Please don't suggest ringing my GP - I have already and they are useless. They won't speak to me over the phone about jabs etc... and have no appointments to offer me to go and speak to someone. Hence I contact Masta.

Water... Someone told me about water purification tablets which I am VERY grateful for. I am going to buy some of these to put in Toby's bath water as he LOVES splashing around!!! In terms of drinking water... for him to drink from his beaker, I will definitely give him bottled water. Does anyone know a lot about the sodium content? i.e. what's REALLY high and bad??? I am not expecting to be able to buy water like Evian (which I was told is a better one?) so will need to read the bottles that the hotel provide... my first thought it, surely as its only for a week, it can't be that bad for him to drink bottled water? Or is it better I use the water purification tablets on Toby's drinking water too???

Bottles & Sterilising... I intend on taking Milton tablets as a back-up... but will be buying the large bags you fill with water and hang somewhere with the bottles in etc. they are pre-packed with the sterilising tablets. We used them in France and found them really good. Question... should I treat the water with the water purification tablets BEFORE I then use that water to put in the bags to sterilise Toby's bottles??? Complicated or what!!!

Milk... Toby currently has C&G Comfort Follow On milk. We use comfort as its thicker for his reflux. He is also on ranitidine for that. I am tempted to buy cartons of milk for the week (he's only on 2 x bottles a day) so I then don't have the worry about which water to boil... tap water, purified water or bottled water!!!!!!!!! But there isn't a carton of comfort follow-on... only follow-on. How much do you think changing his milk would matter??? He doesn't seem to suffer too much with reflux problems these days but of course don't want it to start up on holiday because I changed his milk! IF you don't recommend changing his milk, what water should I boil to make up his bottles with??? Tap, purified or bottled? I would definitely make up his bottles fresh in this instance.

Toby has a dummy (for sleep) - so as a one-off... I intend on letting him suck on it during take-off and landing... hopefully that will help sooth his ears popping???

Food... we have got snacks for him - goodies biccies and ricecakes. We DO want to let him eat the food that is served out there (i.e. the fresh, hot stuff you know we'll be careful of course!) but we are taking enough pouches, jars etc. for his 2 x meals a day just in case. Do you agree that's ok? Fruit wise, we'll let him have any fruit that's peelable, i.e. bananas and oranges... but other fruit... would you go to the extent of rinsing it in bottled water or just forget the fruit for a week? We have fruit pots for puddings. Breakfast wise, we will make him toast and take a carton of his baby porridge he likes. I am OK with him having cows milk with that but would the milk they serve at breakfast be safe for Toby? I would ask them to heat it up I'd think. They do that wouldn't they???

We have pre-booked seats together (flying with Thomas Cook) and additional luggage allowances for hubby and I.

I am never booking a last minute holiday again - far too much stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone has ANYTHING they think will help me, please tell me!!! I know I have written a lot but if anyone can help with anything I would be soooo grateful!

Much love & HUGE thanks, Joo xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Sorry to read and run - at work and no time to reply but I WILL COME ON TONIGHT and write a proper reply! image
  • aaaw thank you lovely - that is very kind!

    I found this about making up formula feeds and thought I'd post it in-case anyone else was wondering... I know its for 3-6yrs olds but I found it helpful

    This extract is re: travelling abroad. I couldn't find anything similar for under 1s

    "The Department of Health recommend that while you are travelling abroad, you should use 'ready made' formula milk (available in cartons). However, if this isn't possible, using boiled, and then cooled, bottled water is recommended.

    Again, you need to check that the sodium level is less than 200mg a litre, and it is best to avoid using bottled water that is labelled as 'natural mineral' water, or 'spring water'. Before using bottled water, you should also make sure that the tamper-proof seal is intact. Ideally, you should use bottled water that is produced by a recognised international manufacturer. Most of these manufacturers will include an EU safety mark on their label, or a mark to confirm that they belong to the International Bottled Water Association.

    If suitable bottled water is not available to use, you should use boiled and cooled tap water."

    So I think we have decided to take cartons - more weight!!!!!!! LOL

  • Firstly I am no expert on any of this but these are my gut instincts/little bit of experience.

    RE: the Hep A - I would not think this is a risk as long as you keep things clean etc etc

    WATER: I don't know about the sodium contents of water etc SORRY but I would think you would be able to get some of the more usual brands such as Evian though so try not to worry too much.

    About the water purification tablets - I would not personally use water treated with them for Toby's drinks because (I have travelled to lots of countries and used lots of water purification tablets) they all leave a horrid taste - iodine or chlorine most usually and as an adult you can force yourself to drink it cos you know you need to but I imagine it would put a lo off!!! I would boil bottled water or poss just boil tap water for sterlisation etc as there will be an after taste!

    With regards to the milk (absolutely NO experience of this as bf but expereince of reflux and dunno if I would wanna risk a change) but dunno if I would want to risk changing the milk - therefore I would boil bottled water for bottles I think.

    Dummy to stop ears popping sounds great - worked with Max although he did not ever seemed bothered by it on his 8 flights so far!

    With regards to food I would think he will be fine eating the things you do but having some packets to hand will bea good idea. Fruit I would peel with a knife for things like apples etc and wash with bottled water should be fine. I feel certain that the milk served in a hotel will be just the same as our milk here - it is not the 3rd world. :lol: and I am sure they will heat it for you!

    It sounds like youa re well prepared so try and chill and enjoy it image
  • Thanks for this - I'm going on holiday with DS in a couple of weeks and have all the same questions! I really don't think its feasible for me to take cartons - DS is on 4 x 8oz a day which would mean having 5 cartons a day x 7 days which is a minimum of 35 cartons !!! We are only going to Spain so hopefully we should be able to get a good bottled water.

    I'll be keeping an eye on your post! Thanks again! x
  • You can pre order cartons for collection from Boots airside at the airport if you decide to go for this option!
  • i am going to spain when my son will be 11 months and i will take a box of his usual formula and make it up with boiled bottled water as i need it. I was abroad with my older son at 5 months and 18 months and i did that with him and i fed him the foreign baby food and used their nappoes and it was all fine, in fact he loved the food. I'm not sure about tunisia tho i know its not third world but i don't know what it will be like for availability of baby stuff. Just remember and weigh your cases at home before you get to the airport or you might get a nasty shock at the weight of all your stuff as it all adds up so easily.
  • Hello Joo, gatecrashing from born in June 09.

    The sterilising bags that you mentioned, we used these when we went to Lanzarote, and they were really good. It says on the bag that they can be used with foreign water. They already have the sterilising tablets in them, and ours were from Mothercare.

    We pre-ordered our formula milk cartons from Boots and collected them after security. I also took a carton of powdered milk with me in the suitacse (we flew Ryanair so paid for an extra suitcase for all of LO's things).

    We found that on the plane, take off and landing was no problem, just gave LO her dummy, and on the way back she slept through landing, so it wasnt a problem at all.

    Food - we took some pouches, and packets of porridge, but having been to the resort before and knew where all the supermarkets are, used Spanish jars which LO loved. Found that they sold most things for her there, maybe you could look on the internet for your resort if you have time?

    I also gave her local fruit like bananas, apples and melon which I bought myself and then washed in bottled water.

    She was fine and didnt get any tummy upsets at all, and enjoyed everything !!

    Water - we used bottled water which I then boiled for her bottles, this was fine.

    Hope that has helped a bit and have a brill time !!

  • I've just found this website which lists bottled water by country and has mineral content listed:
  • I've also just found this about milk:

    Water in the main urban areas is chlorinated and while safe to drink may cause mild stomach upset, it is advisable to use bottled water for the first week or so of stay. Drinking water from other sources should be treated as potentially contaminated and should be sterilised before use. Both pasteurised and unpasteurised milk is sold so always check the packaging and ensure you are buying pasteurised milk. If pasteurised milk is unavailable milk should be boiled before consumption. Dairy products should be avoided as they are not guaranteed to be made from properly sterilised milk. Meat should be well cooked and eaten hot, fruit and vegetables should be washed and cooked or peeled where appropriate. Caution should be observed when buying food from street vendors.

  • Sorry double post! :evil:

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  • Are you feeling more organised now???!
  • Hello!
    Thank you all for the advice and help!!!
    We still haven't decided whether to pack cartons or take his normal milk. Hubby thinks we should pre-order the cartons to collect from Boots but this still leaves me worrying about changing his milk!
    Thanks so much for the link on the bottled water Emma - I've made a note of all the water brands and keeping everything crossed they sell one of the 5 that have the least sodium - one brand is stupidly high!!!
    I have bought everything that needed buying - and probably more! Just need to start packing it now...
    The only thing that is really freaking me out now is the luggage allowance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I get 25kgs plus 5kgs hand luggage. That's never enough for me and Tobes!!! I'm soooo gonna have to be frugal with my stuff!!! No more 3 pairs of flip flops - just the 1 pair!!!
  • I am sure you'll have a FABULOUS time even with only one pair of flip flops :lol: image
  • Hiya, do what I do and put some of your stuff in hubby's suitcase, they never need as much as us !
    Have a great time xxx
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