weaning advice please.


My DS is 6 months on friday and has had purees from about 4 months but now seems to have lost interest in purees but seems to love finger foods! he flaps his arms about with excitement.

SO what should i do?? Do i keep going with purees or do i start finger foods at all meals? But if i do that i havent a clue what to do or give???? And then there is choking!!! ARG lol

And will he still be filled up as much as he would be with purees???

Thanks xx


  • If he wants finger foods give them a try, but try offering normal food too. He may be ready to move to lumpier food rather than puree.

    As for what to offer my lo has had cream cheese sandwiches, scones, tea cakes, toast, carrot sticks. You can cook some broccalli florets for her, make sweet potato chips.

    With my lo I give her fingers foods for lunch and a yoghurt for dessert and a normal dinner in the evening (she currently is on stage 2 jars).

    As for the choking they usually gag like crazy the first few times, it sounds like choking and can be scary. A girl on here once told me that the different between gagging and choking is if they are choking they wont be coughing or anything which makes sense to me. If he does choke though remember to lay him down your arm head down and smack his back hard.

    Good Luck
  • Thanks hun there are some great ideas there!! and thanks for the info regarding the choking it makes sense!! xx
  • When Abby was getting used to finger food, I used to give her finger foods as snacks, and for her tea, but give her something really wholesome for lunch (something like cottage pie, fish pie, spag Bol, chicken casserole - etc) so I knew she was still having something - even if all the finger food ended up on the floor.

    Now she has got used to finger food (she eats loads) I tend to give her finger food the majority of the time.

    LO probably will gag - they all do, but don't panic! It's totally normal! image As long as you dont leave him unattended then he'll be fine. If they are choking it is very scary - but you will KNOW they are choking. With Abby, whenever I wasn't sure I counted to 10 first, and she always made a noise (babbling, laughing or coughing) before I got to about 4 or 5 - so I knew
    she was OK.

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