Cot Mobiles?

Hi ladies

Lo is now 8 weeks old and is having a cot delivered today as she's outgrown the moses basket!

I'd like to get her a cot mobile that has music and maybe a night light too - any recommendations of a cot mobile your lo has loved?



  • My lo has the mamas and papas winnie the pooh one, it doesnt have a night light but it is so beautiful, it looks like it has been hand made and she loves it!
  • I've got the Fisher Proce rainforest one. It has a nightlight and plays quite nice classical music or rainforest sounds. It is lovely and colourful too image

  • James has the Winnie the Pooh Light Show. Only lights up when the music is playing, but projects onto the ceiling. It play 100 Acre Wood, over and over and over.... :lol: That's they only downfall, it can get a bit repetetive for mummy.

    Lo loves it and it also comes on if lo cries. xx
  • Thanks ladies, I've gone for the Winnie the Pooh one image xx
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