This is getting beyond a joke...

Leia is 7 months on the 12th.

Leia has cut one tooth overnight (last night) and has had a bad stomach today and yesterday. She has got gradually worse with her sleeping in the last 5 weeks or so.

She is waking every 2 hours and often the only way I can settle her back to sleep is feeding her (she is bf although she has 3 solid meals a day also).

She was sleeping in her own cot until the early hours and would resettle with her dummy if she woke but those days have gone.

I'm struggling to get her to sleep in the day now as well.

I left her in her cot for an hour crying and eventually took her out (this would be her first sleep since she woke up at 6am)!!!

She still won't go to sleep, not even laid on me!!! And she won't have any milk!!!

Thank God my son is with his childminder today!

I don't know what to do with her next... :\(


  • Awe hun,

    Sounds like she is having a tough time with those teeth, have you tried all the teething remedies; granules, gel, calpol, calprofen, homeopathic stuff, even some of the bach flower remedies? You probably have, sending you a big hug.

  • Thanks hon,

    I've tried everything but she just won't go to sleep.. I'm gonna have one cranky girl
  • She's asleep...
  • ...And she's awake again!

    Half an hour, that's all she managed...

    We tried medised with our son I think we'll give it a
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